Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sea World

Friday we did Sea World. Once again Ben & Sharley couldn't be there because of work. It was sad he couldn't get more days off work because we really missed them. Sea World is one of our favorite places in San Diego. It is expensive but very cool. 

Everyone loved the whale show which we watched twice. Landon was so into it he about crawled over the rail to get down there. 

 Evan was into it as well. Here he is fascinated with the Beluga's.
As is Landon. 
This kid is all boy.

It was Trevor's first time at Sea World and he was getting in to it as well. 

Here we all are with Shamu. 

If a Diesel Electric train were a car it would get about 400 miles per gallon.


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I love Sea World also :) It brought back memories of when we would take the kids :)