Monday, January 30, 2012

New Years Eve

In many ways New Years Eve was the highlight of the holidays. Justin had planned a murder mystery dinner and he gave us all a description of the character we were to play. Each couple got $10 and we went to a thrift store to get into costume. I was the Baron of the castle and Lisa was my spinster sister who was a religious fanatic. Grandma was the maid, Kira and Sharley were gypsy's who happened to be passing through and since a storm was coming I let her them stay in my castle if they provided entertainment. Ben was a local farmer who had lost his little girl to wolves and he was petitioning me for help. Since the storm stranded him at the castle I kind of had to let him stay for dinner. Alycia was a hunter who I had hired to get rid of the wolves that were causing a lot of problems with the locals (like Ben) and Trevor was the local drunk. I think he was supposed to be doctor or something too. We also invited Cameron and Erica over and Erica was the butler and Cameron was some business man passing through who got stranded. He was very curious about what was going on and he rather suspicious to me but he turned out to be innocent.
Sarah of course was thoroughly bummed. All the years she was growing up she watched her older siblings head of to the young adult dances and she stayed home and did  nothing and now that she can go to the dance we have a party without her. I can't say as I blame her but she has actually gone to the youth dances for the last four years and they do make a big deal out of those.

So after getting our costumes we ate at the In-N-Out and then went home and got the dinner ready. The dinner sort of melded into our play where the two rotten Gypsy's turned out to be the evil ones and managed to kill us all off. We might have taken them out if Cameron hadn't died so fast.

After we all died we broke out Mom's new Kinect and danced the night away. I'm not sure how they talked me into dancing but I have to admit it was fun. When we tired of that we played another board game and when midnight arrived we celebrated with a round of Martinelli's.

Sarah and her friends arrived home about the time we were all headed for bed so decided to try and read my book on the couch in the other room while they all played that fun Tellustrations game. I was asleep long before they decided to leave. It was really good to see MacKenzie again and to meet her new fiance. He seems like a very nice guy. Caitlin and her boyfriend (soon to be fiance it looks like to me) were the other couple in the group with Sarah and Oliver and Jace Olsen.

And that was New Years Eve. Thank goodness we started late church this year so we could all sleep in the next morning.

The concept behind Sweet Hearts dates back to the time of Abraham Lincoln. Today they make more than 8 billion (8,000,000,000) candy hearts a year.

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Lisa said...

It was a fun night!