Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mackenzie Got Married

Well this has been a busy few weeks. I don't think I'll post everything is one entry since that would probably bore most of you to the point that you won't read it all anyway. I will just touch on the highlights. Last weekend Mackenzie got married. Many of you may remember Mackenzie as one of Alex's girlfriends back in high school. While they were going out we became very close friends with Mackenzie and her mother so even after Alex and Mackenzie parted ways we stayed in touch and have been a part of her life as she has grown and headed off to college.
Lisa had been offering to help Mackenzie out with her wedding plans but I think she felt bad asking for help until about a week before her wedding. Within a very short time several of Mackenzie's plans fell through. I don't know just what happened but I do know that her flower person cancelled, the cake cancelled and some other people too. Lisa, being the kind hearted woman that she is jumped in to help her out and after having four kids get married she does know a thing or two about putting on a wedding. The wedding was beautiful and everything went off flawlessly
Mackenzies timing was perfect for Sarah. Sarah was one of Mackenzie's bridesmaids and she just happened to be home for spring break this week.
In many parts of Europe it was traditional to supply a newly married couple with enough mead for a month, ensuring happiness and fertility. From this practice we get honeymoon or, as the French say, lune de miel.


Lynn said...

What a beautiful girl! Beautiful dress!!

And have the most beautiful heart! ; ) rock!

Lisa said...

We need to make a CD of the pictures and give them to Mackenzie.