Saturday, March 24, 2012


It has now been twelve days since Lisa left me. Last week Sarah was home so that was no problem and all this week I have been so busy that I've hardly noticed she's gone but sitting here all day in an empty house is a bit strange. I can't wait for her to get home. She's coming home on Tuesday. In case I never mentioned it before, Lisa's has gone to watch Kira and Justin's boys while Kira and Justin went to Peru on a humanitarian service trip. Justin and a bunch of other dentists are doing free dental work on a bunch of Peruvians. Kira has been blogging about it and it sounds like they're having some wonderful experiences. You should check it out on her blog here. Kira actually pulled a guys tooth. I don't think she would get to do that in Calgary.

Today I kept myself busy just tidying up the house before Lisa comes home. I did go for a six mile run though. I'm getting ready for the Ragnar Relay coming up. Alan Bird is forcing me to push myself. Last year I ran about 14 miles. This year he has me running 19 miles. One of my legs is eight miles long. I'm a little nervous about that one but the six mile run today wasn't that big of a deal so eight should be fine. I've got a month left to get myself in shape. I'm looking forward to it. Ben is running it with me so that is even better. Nineteen miles is getting so close to a marathon that I think I should just keep training and do one. I love running. I don't like running on roads so much but on my six mile route I have laid out I'm only on the road for about half a mile. Check out my route.

Here is a shot from the trail I run on. Beautiful isn't it? I'll have to take another shot from the crossing across the creek. That's even better. I'm a little bummed with Martha though. I have this program on my phone (Martha is my phone) that tracks my runs. It has an option at the end where I can upload the run to Facebook. Last year it always up loaded a map but this year it says it's uploading a map but it doesn't. I wanted people to see where I run but I guess I'll quit boring all the facebook people. 

Scientist at MIT believe they have done what most of us thought was impossible. They've found a cure for the common cold (along with 14 other viruses). 


Lynn said...

Good for you! I'm still running 6 miles a day too {wish this stupid ice and snow would go away}. I need to push myself more. I guess I am too afraid of falling on the ice. Can't wait till summer! Hopefully I will run a bit faster. But then again.....I hate the heat. I drag my feet when it's too hot. Don't know how you do it.

Keep going! You are close to marathon running aren't you.

Maren Leavitt said...

Good for you for doing the race again this year!!

And I hope your reunion with Lisa will be great today!

Love you guys!