Monday, September 16, 2013

The Day After

The day after the wedding was another rough morning. We now had all six of our children at home, all six of their spouses and all six of our grandchildren. Who knows if this will ever happen again and it is surely not going to happen for several years so of course we need to have family pictures taken. Without torturing you with all of the scheduling conflicts let me just say that the only time available was 8:00 AM on Saturday. We had to hurry because Alex and Wendy had a plane to catch for their honeymoon in Hawaii.

As you can imagine, it was another morning not too unlike the morning of the wedding. After some yelling and screaming we got everyone out the door and in a car and we arrived at the beach pretty much on time. As soon as the family pictures were done and Alycia and Trevors pictures were taken, Trevor took the newly weds off to the airport while the rest of us did individual families and of course the grandparent pictures. It was a beautiful morning at the cove so you can be expecting some new family pictures on the blog in the not too distant future.

After recovering at the house for a bit we ended up at the beach with the kids. It was even more fun because we met up with the Kooymans and the Sanchez's. After we were all thoroughly exhausted (it is funny how spending a day outside can sap all of ones energy) it was back to the house and more games. We played a new game this time called Avalon. It is a lot of fun but we tended to get a bit more riled up than usual. Alycia thought it was all so funny she actually video taped us and put together a short (15 second) video clip. Before you watch the video let me tell you what to watch for. At the beginning you need to watch Sharley ready to take Brandon by the throat and strangle him. At the end you need to watch Justin simulating a venomous animal with fangs spitting poison.  

As usual we played games way into the night but we knocked off a bit earlier than usual because Justin, Kira and Grandma had early morning flights requiring that we get up at 4:30. Normally that wouldn't have stopped us but once Justin landed he had a fourteen hour drive to make and we really didn't want to lose that lovely family in one of those mountain valley's in British Columbia. 

Sunday morning was quite eventful. Let me see if I can tell the story without getting too lost. Grandma and I went to airport first in Justin's rental car. The plan was to drop grandma off and then drop off the rental car, take a shuttle back to the airport to meet up with Kira and Justin. Because our van is the only vehicle that can accommodate Evans wheel chair they had to use our van. Well that was the plan. Grandma was a bit slower than I had planned so we got left late. Traffic was ok (after all it was 5:00) but when we got to the airport Grandma got the airlines mixed up and we went to the wrong airline. After waiting in line for a while they told us that we were at the wrong airline so it was off to the correct airline where we waited in another line. When we finally got to the counter the guy told us that we had missed our flight by less than five minutes. The plane was still right there but now days they won't board you if you're not there 30 minutes early and he told us they sometimes cut you off at 45 minutes. After staring at his computer screen for a long time he finally told us that we were out of luck and had to come back tomorrow. 

Grandma was very upset and the ticket agent was a kind fellow so he went back into his computer and by overriding the computer and doing things manually he got her on a flight through Houston that got her in at 10:00 at night. It was going to be a very long day for Grandma.

Now I was panicking about Kira and Justin. There was no way I was going to get his car back in time but then I got a text from them that there was an accident on the freeway and they were at a stand still in danger of missing their flight. I now had plenty of time to return the car. While waiting I prepped the guys at the counter and met Kira and Justin at the curb. Kira ran right into the counter where I had explained everything and I helped Justin unload bags and kids. Grandma missed her flight by 5 minutes and Kira made hers by 5 minutes. I am so glad that they made their flight.

Contrary to popular belief, children don't learn new languages any faster than adults do.


Lynn said...

Your family ROCKS!

That's all. ; )

Peter and Mandy said...

Ok that video is great!

Stacey said...

That's sounds exhausting and very trying, not usually how one expects the sabbath to occur. Phew! What a long day for everyone. You are all so silly playing that game. It must have been such a fun time to have everyone there. But now I understand why you're so tired from the partying, since it was over two weeks on length. I don't think I would have been able to keep up.
The description about all the yelling in the morning was funny, I appreciate that you shared how "real" every family is.