Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Wedding Day

Friday was the wedding day. Everyone woke up early and the house was a mass of confusion. In the end careful planning and clearly defined schedules and assignments ensured that everyone had a car when they needed it and everyone was at the temple relatively on time.  Alex and Wendy and parents first, siblings next and children and grandmother later. Of course once we entered the beautiful temple all of the stress and anxiety was gone and we were able to enjoy the spirit of this blessed event. 

Dan Northcutt was our stake president several years ago and he is now a sealer at the temple so we asked him if he would preform the ceremony. He did a great job. It was a beautiful ceremony. Everyone then rushed outside to begin the long wait in the hot sun waiting for the happy couple to come out. 

I know I usually come from these weddings with a ton of my own pictures but for the last few weddings I've just wanted to bask in the moment and so I have taken very few pictures. That means that for this posting you're stuck with the few pictures I was able to gather. Sorry, I will post another entry when we get the official pictures back. 
I do want to share the video that Chris McClain took. This was a very low budget wedding but the one thing we have decided that we will spend money on is the video. Once the wedding is over all you have left are the pictures and the video and of those two I've found that you watch the video ten times for every time you go back and look at the pictures. With Alycia's wedding we lucked out and found a great videographer. We have used him for every wedding since then.  It will take a long time before we get the final video from the wedding but he took Alex and Wendy for a couple of hours on Thursday and made a teaser to show at the wedding. It was kind of cool because with a temple wedding no one gets to see the moment that Alex see's Wendy in her wedding dress for the first time. This video captures that moment. I love the video and can't wait to see the full video.

Following the wedding Lisa and I rushed home, loaded up the cars and headed to the venue. The reception was held at David Stones home. He has a beautiful yard that he lets people use for weddings and his place is stunning. The only decoration we needed to do was the table settings. He has a Koi Pond, Gazebo, dance floor, beautiful lights and a stunning view. You couldn't ask for anything more. 

 The reception was a blast. Molly Sanchez spent all day cooking the food and it was delicious. Lilly Greenlaw (a friend of Lisa's) worked with Lisa and Kira do the flowers.

I had two jobs to do and I managed to pull them both off but one created some panic and I had to pull in some major help. My first job was the chandelier over the sweetheart table. I don't know if you can see it above Alex and Wendy in the picture but it is several baby-food jars hanging from chains with candles in them. It actually turned out quite well if you ask me.

My second job was to have the table and screen set up to show the video. I was good and had everything ready to go but I didn't actually try it out to see if it worked. Yes, you're way ahead of me. As we were setting up for the reception I set up the screen, ran the extension cords had the table and the equipment all set up, pulled up the video on the laptop and then I went to plug in the projector. The plug was a European plug and there was no adapter to plug into and American receptacle. After about ten panicked phone calls I finally got a hold of Lee Evans. Lee can fix anything remotely related to computers. He actually loaded up his own personal equipment, drove on over to the reception and set up his own equipment to show the video. I owe him big time.

Lisa suggested to Alex that it would be cool if he and his groomsmen performed a dance for Wendy. It was touch and go if it was actually going to happen but in the end they all got together and practiced after the family dinner the night before the wedding. It turned out really cool. Our videographer captured it for posterity.

After everyone had fully belly's and the toasts and thank you's were over, the party began in earnest. The dance floor was packed up until we finally had to shut down the DJ. We only paid him until 9:30 but it looked like he was prepared to go on all night. We have also used him for our last three weddings too so perhaps he was giving us a bonus.

Lisa had previously given everyone a clean up assignment so the clean up went very quickly as well. We all managed to get home at a reasonable time and then we still played late into the night. It was a wonderful day.

Seventeen tons of gold are made into wedding rings each year in the United States!

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