Friday, June 27, 2014


Saturday morning we got an email from the Scouts looking for items to sell in a rummage sale as a fund raiser. Mom and I went out into the garage anxious to take advantage of this opportunity to rid ourselves of some junk. As we were pulling out things to get rid of I came across this old bird cage. This brought back all kinds of memories.

When Alex was still very young he really wanted to have a bird. By this time we had had just about every kind of pet you could imagine so it was fitting that we should get a bird. We'd never had a bird before. So off we went to the pet store and came home with this beautiful purple parakeet. Jasmine was a beautiful bird. 

Jasmine thrived for some time and then one day when I was on a business trip in China Lisa took the other kids to one of Ben's football games. Alex didn't really want to go so he stayed home. As I recall the story, Alex was sitting in the quiet empty house all by himself entertaining himself when suddenly Jasmine lept into the air and started flapping madly all over the place. She then flopped onto the floor of her cage and began kicking like crazy spinning herself rapidly in a circle. Alex called his mother in a panic and in tears he said, "something is wrong with Jasmine". Mom calmed him down as best as she could over the phone but by the time she got home Jasmine had departed this world and moved on to bluer skies where she could fly free and unencumbered by a nasty old cage. 

At the time I was building a brick retaining wall in the front of the house. To give Jasmine a proper resting place I carved a "J" in one of the bricks and placed Jasmine in a small box behind the special brick. We currently have animals buried all over our yard but Jasmine got the best spot by far. As for the picture you're just going to have to trust me. The "J" is right there but in the picture you can't see it. I took several pictures and you can't see the J in any of them. To help you out I draw a black line over the J. It isn't hard to see in real life.

Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire.

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