Monday, June 02, 2014

Sarah's Graduation

I got back from the BYU graduation late Sunday night and then Wednesday I headed back up to Utah. This time I drove because Lisa was flying into SLC from Calgary and the plan was for her to drive back with me. I timed my drive so I could arrive at the airport just in time to pick her up but unfortunately her flight was delayed by hours. I drove to Alex and Wendy's and Alex and I picked her up somewhere around midnight. Alex was very comfortable in his "onesies" pajamas.He didn't feel like getting dressed so we went to the airport with Alex in his onesies. Boy did we get some looks.

We spent the night at Alex and Wendy's and the next morning we headed south. Sarah's commencement meeting was on Thursday evening and she had a wonderful speaker. His name was Wes Moore and he wrote a book titled, "The Other Wes Moore".

The gist of it was he read about a man named Wes Moore who was sentenced to life in jail for murder. It kind of freaked him out because the other Wes Moore and a very similar background as him but for a few people who had a huge influence in his life he could have had a similar fate. As you can imagine, he talked a lot about how we can influence for good other peoples lives and how we should decide now to make a difference in the world. It was very good.

I think we were all more excited about some of the honorary degrees that they bestowed. One of our favorite people at the Sochi Olympics was Noel Pikus-Pace.She won silver in the Skeleton races. She graduated from UVU and so they gave her (and others) an honorary degree. It was cool to see her sitting there. It was also good to see the dean of UVU, Matt Holland. Because Lisa is such a social person we've actually met him before and had some very good conversations with him.

Friday was Sarah's actual convocation where she walked across the stage and received her diploma. Alex came down for it. It was at 8:00 in the morning so that was a big deal for Alex to get up that early. We also had another treat because Sharley was in SLC for her friends graduation and she came down nto be with Sarah at her graduation. It is always a thrill for me when we can get a few of our kids together. Molly Sanchez also joined us and of course Sam was there.

 Afterwards we all went out for some of that delicious barbecue place and I had some more of that brisket. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Alycia and Trevor were on their trip to Thailand so we didn't see them but we did get to use their apartment while they were gone. That was convenient. Saturday we helped Sarah and Sam pack up their apartment. That was a bit of a nightmare. They live on the third floor and I made far too many trips up and down those stairs. Uggh.

Sunday we headed for home and had a quiet and uneventful drive back to San Diego. It amazes me to watch my kids grow up. Five of my six kids are now college graduates and out in the world making a decent living and paying taxes. We only have Alex and Wendy left to go and they are both on the right track.

The heart of a blue whale is so big, 
a human can swim through the arteries.

President and Sister Holland

Doesn't that brisket look amazing?

Since Sam wasn't around for his graduation we took some cougar shots for him.

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easters said...

Such an honor for you and Lisa to have kids on the right track!!
Life keeps speeding by and I have to shake my head to keep up with all the family events. Our 35th grandchild was honored with a baby shower on Sat. -- went to a granddaughter's high school graduation on Friday --- We now have 5 greatgrandchildren!!! Wow!
June 30th is Rosemary village 100th anniversary and we will be celebrating. Wish you could be here too. Roselynn Easter