Monday, June 30, 2014


This is old news but I really want to express my feelings on paper. Well, virtual paper at least. Piper is now over two months old and while most people have told their story I haven't told mine.

It is very strange for me to have a pregnant daughter. I have eight grandchildren now and Kira has four of them but until now my daughter hasn't been pregnant. It is a rather bizarre feeling. But it is a good feeling too. It is how it is supposed to be.

Backing up a bit, Kira and Justin have been married for eleven years and haven't been able to have children. They did fertility treatments until they decided that it wasn't worth it and they adopted three beautiful boys. They then decided that would be enough for the Palmer family and the Lord decided otherwise. I personally believe that they were supposed to raise these three wonderful boys and if they had been able to have children of their own then we wouldn't have them in our lives. Once they arrived the Lord then decided to bless them with one last little girl. She is a very spoiled little girl too. But then, isn't that what little girls are for?

I thought it was really funny. Lisa went up to Canada to be there for the whole thing. Kira was due April 19th so Lisa decided to play it save and went up two weeks before the due date and stayed two weeks after the due date. It is a good thing she did because she almost missed it. Piper was born two days before Lisa's flight left.

After Piper and Kira were home Lisa and Kira went out and bought a bunch of pink outfits for Piper. There was no way that Kira's little girl was going to wear any hand me down boys clothes. Well Justin wanted to join the fun so while Kira and Lisa were shopping Justin decided he need to go and buy some pink outfits. I remember that for a few weeks Justin would post a different Instagram picture every day of Piper wearing a different pink outfit. He even created a # tag labeled #POOTD (pink outfit of the day). It was really funny.

So now Piper is two months old and I still haven't seen her. I do NOT like having my grandchildren so far away. It is very different this time. Normally Kira's kids are well over a year old when we go up and have them blessed in church. That is because they can't bless them until the adoption is final. This time there is no adoption so they are just waiting for us to get up there. We are leaving next month and I am very excited.

So the big debate is who does this baby look like. After much deliberation I am declaring a tie. She certain has a lot of Justin in her but she is clearly Kira's kid too. I can't decide so I figure she belongs to both of them. Kira's biggest fear was that Piper would have Justin's big head. I think we were all relieved to see that she leans more towards Kira's dainty head.

She also has the long Leavitt feet. I think it is funny that Lisa and all three of my daughters can all pretty much wear the same shoes and they aren't small shoes.

I can't wait to hold this beautiful little girl in my arms.

Hippo milk is pink.

Piper rolled over today. Before you know it she will be up and walking They grow so fast..

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Yay finally somebody posted about this beautiful baby!