Monday, November 23, 2015

Ella Grayce Crowley

No sooner had Jack arrived than I needed to set up the Baby Crowley Pool. The Baby Crowley Pool had no name because Alycia and Trevor couldn't agree on a name for the baby. Well to state that more accurately, Alycia had many names for the baby but Trevor couldn't agree with any of them but never put forth any suggestions of his own. So, she was known as baby girl up until a few days after her arrival.

As with Sharley we made a guessing game out of baby girls arrival. I created a pool and most everyone made their guesses. As it turned out Alycia also had to be induced. I claim to have won the first pool but once she was admitted to be induced we created a second pool. Kira won that one beating Mom by eight minutes.

Mom, anticipating the eventful day took a week off of work just a few days after school started. The school does not like it when she does things like that but her attitude is (and I agree with it) family is first and if she has to choose between her job and her kids the kids will win every time. She never worked when the kids were at home and now that they're gone she can work but the kids still come first.

So Mom flew Aug 26 to be with Alycia and her due date was Aug 27. As it turned out she went into the hospital to be induced on the Aug 28. After a very quick delivery baby girl entered this world at 4:44 AM Saturday morning. We were all quite surprised by quickly it all went. Before they left the hospital they decided to name baby girl Ella Grayce Crowley. I love the name for a number of reasons. First of all it sounds like a very classy name but it also is a very "family" name in several ways.Ella Dora Darnell was my great grandmother and from all accounts she was a great woman. Grayce is also my grandmothers middle name but she spelled in Grace. Grayce is also Lisa's mothers name. It is also Alycia's middle name. It was because Lisa's mother spelled Grayce with a "Y" that we ended up putting a "Y" in Alycia's name rather than the more traditional Alicia.

A few months before Ella was born Alycia entered the "nesting" phase of her pregnancy. I have learned that as the big day arrives expectant mothers have a very strong urge to get the baby's room (and everything else) ready for the arrival. Alycia pointed out that she would love a brass light shade for the nursery and she was certain that I would be able to make it. Well I was able to make it but if I was paid by the hour for that light it would be a very expensive light. I sure hope little Ella appreciates her new light.

I will add a few pictures of Ella so you can see her first few months by you might also enjoy this short video that Alycia put together of Ellas first week.

 Off to the hospital

 Whew, it is finally over. I am told that it was a very quick but very intense delivery.
 I love this picture of the very proud Grandma.

 And we're home again.

Once Ella has a fully belly and a clean diaper she love to stretch out. She does it every time.

A very beautiful little girl.

Armadillos nearly always give birth to identical quadruplets.

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