Thursday, November 12, 2015

Evans Baptism

The other day Lisa pointed out to me that now that I'm no longer the coordinator at the temple I should have more time to be writing in my blog. I guess she is quite right, that job took at least nine hours a week so I aught to be able to write a couple of blogs in that time.

I often think that my life is quite boring and that is normally the case but the last few months have been filled with all kinds of adventure. Evan was baptized, Jack (Ben & Sharley) was born, Ella (Trevor & Alycia) was born, Jack was blessed, Sydney was baptized, and then Ella was blessed. We have made quite a few trips. Even though I haven't posted in a while I think the next few posts will just be reviewing some of our past excitements.

Today I want to talk about our trip to Canada. First of all we celebrated Lisa's birthday and then we headed north. Because Alex was coming with us we drove and picked him up in Utah. As it so happened we were in Salt Lake City on our thirty fourth wedding anniversary. We actually went to Salt Lake on our honeymoon so it was kind of fun to be there on our anniversary. In fact, Lisa being so thoughtful made reservations for us in the Roof Top restaurant of the Joseph Smith Building. We had a table overlooking the temple. It was very cool. We had a piano player and everything.

We then continued on north and went first to Kira and Justin's. Tuesday we celebrated Evan's birthday even though his birthday was the previous week. The next day, Wednesday,  was his baptism day.

Thursday we parted company. Alex went with Kira and her family to Evan's SMA camp at William Watson Lodge in the Kananaskis. It is a cool lodge that is completely accessible for wheelchairs. Lisa and I went to Rosemary to see Gary and Pat Norton, but on the way out of town we visited with Maurine, and then we stopped and visited with Bob and Virginia Lundrigan. They used to live in our stake here in San Diego. In fact he was the Stake Patriarch. He is really failing fast. He has dementia and lives in a home.

We stayed up way too late at the Norton's and then headed out of town the next morning. We headed for the C.F.B Lybbert reunion in Pincher Creek but went through Cardston to attend a reunion temple session. It was cool to be on a session with all of my relatives. After the session we checked out the sealing room where we were married and then we were invited to do sealings. We figured what better way to celebrate our anniversary. One of the temple workers was Royce Leavitt. He is the son of Aunt Marguerite  and Uncle Devere. They lived on the old Leavitt homestead and used to babysit me often when I was small. Uncle Devere has passed away but we decided to stop and visit Aunt Marguerite on the way out of town. She remembered me when I told her who I was, but I had to remind her who I was at least a dozen times. She kept going on about how beautiful Lisa is. I agree with her.

There was a damper on the reunion because it rained the whole time, but they let us use a few large quonsets and all we wanted to do anyway was sit and visit. I won't try and name all of the people I visited with because I won't possibly remember them all, but most of Uncle Van's and Aunt Grace's kids were there. In fact, Aunt Grace was actually there in person. I also visited with Wade Smith. He and his wife rode up from Wisconsin on their motorbike. I love to ride my motorbike, but a road trip like that doesn't really sound like too much fun. Especially in the rain.

Saturday we headed up to the Kananaskis to join up with Kira and her bunch. What a beautiful place that was. We road bikes with the kids and went Kayaking. Alberta really is a beautiful place. It is just too bad their weather is so horrible.

And then it was back to Calgary and then we headed south on Sunday. It was a fun and very eventful trip.

&; used to be the 27th letter of the alphabet. It was called "and" and when the school children would say their alphabet they would say. "...x, y, z and per se and". This gradually became shortened to "anpersand"

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