Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jack Abram Leavitt

Sharley was expecting to deliver her baby in early August but then it turned out that he was induced a few days early. We had a family pool betting on when the baby would be born. Technically Kira won the pool, but once Ben took Sharley to the hospital the night before, we decided to have a new pool for exactly what "time" the baby would be born.

Justin actually won the second pool. A month or two before Jack was born Ben and Sharley announced his name. He actually has a very cool name. Jack is named after three different people. Sharley has two little brothers who she is very close to. They are twins named Jacob and Zachary or Jake and Zach. If you combine their names you would get Jack so Jack's first name is for Sharley's twin brothers.

One of Bens closest friends growing up was Abram Jones. Abram was like a brother to Ben and like a son to us. Ben had a toothbrush and change of clothes at Abrams house, (right around the corner from us), and Abram had the same at our home. He never bothered knocking because he truly was one of the family. He even came on family vacations with us. Jack's middle name, Abram, is after Abram. For more on Abram go here. 

After a relatively mild labor Jack arrived at 11:36 on the morning of July 30. He was 7 pounds 4 ounces and twenty inches long. Ben used his Go Pro to make a pretty cool video of Jack coming home. I really hope the link below works because you will want to see the video. I have some pretty talented kids. Jack's arrival has made a lot of people very happy not the least of which are Ben and Sharley. Congratulations.

link to video

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