Monday, March 27, 2017

Franks Wedding

One of Alex's best friends in High School was Frank Criger. They have remained good friends ever since they graduated and now Frank is a very close friend to our entire family. Frank got married this weekend to Hannah and Alex flew down for the wedding.  

I guess at some point in high school Frank told Alex that he wanted Alex to perform his marriage ceremony and this weekend he followed through with that request. Alex performed the marriage ceremony and I thought he did an excellent job of it. As it turned out Alex played a big part in the wedding. He helped decorate for it, he translated for the food guys who had pretty poor English, he performed the wedding ceremony, he was the master of ceremonies for the reception, and at one point he was the maid of honor carrying the brides train. I thought he performed all of those responsibilities very well. 

Lisa also participated in providing a bunch of the decorations and she helped set up. The wedding turned out wonderful. We were especially lucky because it was supposed to rain on Saturday and there was no tent and no back-up plans in case of rain. We didn’t get a drop and yet it rained on us all the way home after we left.

The wedding was at a cool old adobe home. I loved the place. They didn’t have a wedding cake but had donuts instead. I love donuts much better than I do wedding cake so I loved that too. They also had a food truck there making pizza’s. It was an all-around good evening.
As I mentioned before, Alex performed the wedding and he did a great job. Many people commented on how well he did and were amazed that he didn’t use any notes. Alex has a memory like an elephant so of course he never used any notes. I videotaped the ceremony but some highlights that I liked were how he mentioned that “man is that he might have joy” and that the marriage ceremony is perhaps the oldest ceremony known to man and it has been around so long because it does bring so much joy to our lives. It can bring joy while we’re having a wonderful adventure together but also when we are performing the most mundane tasks together.
Hannah’s bouquet was also very beautiful. I love that it had kumquats in it.
The wedding turned out to be almost a high school reunion because there were kids there that Alex (and us) haven't seen since he graduated. Most of the boys in the one picture have been friends since they were little kids. Brittany was also there and is probably one of Alex's oldest friends going back to elementary school. 

It was a great day. 

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