Thursday, March 23, 2017

They are here!

I am very excited. Today both Alex and Serene arrived and Serene brought Grayson with her. I haven’t seen Grayson since we went out for his blessing and that was nearly a year ago.
Serene’s sister is getting married this weekend so that is why she came and boy were here girls upset that they couldn’t come with her. Brandon took videos of they were crying in the airport after she left. He then told them that Serene was coming to Grandma’s house and the crying turned to all out howling. On the way home Brandon told us that heard the following comments.
            “I guess she is going to forget us now.”
            “She must not have really loved us”
            “Well we know Grayson is her favorite”
            “I wish daddy wasn’t such a cheapskate”
And then from Mackenzie, the youngest…
            “It’s ok, if you give me a surprise”
 Alex is out so he can marry his best friend Frank. Yes, you heard me right, he is marrying Frank. Frank and his fiancée Hannah asked Alex if he could get his “ministry” license so that he could perform the marriage ceremony for them. The wedding is Saturday. I’m looking forward to a very fun weekend. 

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