Wednesday, March 25, 2009

President Obama

Shortly after the election in November I said that I would give President Obama a chance to prove himself. He had made a lot of promises and before I condemned the man I would let him show that he would do what he promised. Well I think it is safe to say now that he is on a course that will destroy this wonderful nation and our freedoms and opportunities may be hurt for generations. He is printing money like it is going out of style and that can't help but lead to unprecedented inflation (at least unprecedented for the US). He promised he would only raise taxes on the "rich" (who ever they are) and now he is talking about eliminating the mortgage tax and reducing the charitable donation deduction for all of us. In a time of 10% unemployment he is also raising taxes on small businesses who happen to create the vast majority of all the new jobs.

He even threatened to charge the veterans for their health care. Can you imagine that? The odd thing is that after he saw the reaction he changed his mind and then took credit for saving the veterans. How does he get away with it? And then did you hear what he said to the Prime Minister of England? The prime minister came to America to see Obama and he turned him away. He told him that the Prime Minister of England shouldn't have any more special privileges than the leaders of the other countries do.

And then there is the whole economic melt down. They want to blame everything on the republicans (who certainly have a lot to account for) but then he continuously talks about how horrible the economy is and amidst all of his gloom and doom he wonders how the stock market can crash like it did. Every time he opened his mouth the market would go down even further.

I really like how he hires a tax dodger to head up the IRS. I only hope that he can't do too much damage in one term because I can't imagine that he will win a second term.


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