Sunday, March 01, 2009

Paul Harvey

What a beautiful weekend this has been. I think spring has sprung and winter is behind us. All weekend we had the doors open and just listened to the birds sing. I mowed the lawn and just enjoyed being outside. It hasn't rained for quite a while and the grass was drying out so I turned on the sprinklers. I found that I have four broken sprinklers. I hate broken sprinklers. I think we also finished Alex's eagle project this weekend. He has an appointment to go see the councilor on Tuesday. We will all be very glad to see this done.

Last night Alycia called me with some very sad news. One of my favorite people in the world passed away last night. Paul Harvey. I started listening to him when I started my first job out of University and I've listened to him every chance I have had since then. I'm really going to miss him.

I thought I would also give you an update on my thumb. I was really worried about it all week long. Lisa had me on this big guilt trip about how I was too stubborn to go get stitches. Come Thursday I was starting to believe her because it was still gaping open and you could see right down into my flesh. Miraculously on Friday the big gaping hole was filled with new flesh and I actually had a scab on it. I think it will leave a significant scar but at least it looks like it will heal satisfactorily.

This weekend I decided to take my camera down on the floor and get some good pictures of Alex playing basket ball. Lisa was so mad at the refs during this game that she finally got up and left. The refs were also mad at the crowd and at one point he stopped and told the audience that if they kept bad mouthing the refs he was going to clear them all out. I'm quite glad Lisa wasn't one of the people who was "openly" bad mouthing the refs. Unfortunately, the ref was a good friend of ours but I don't think Lisa will be talking to him for a while. Among one of their many bad calls, there were only seconds on the clock and we were down by two points. Alex drives into the basket and the other team slapped him on the arms not once but twice and the ref never called it. Alex has been shooting better than 80% at the foul line lately so we would have likely tied it up if they'd just done their job and made the call. After the game Lisa called Ben to help calm her down. Here are some of the shots I took of Alex.

Do you see this foul on Alex? That is the kind of stuff they were doing all night but none of it got called. It is pretty demoralizing to play like that because they sure called the fouls on us.


Lynn said...

I am SO jealous of your SPRING weather!

Glad to hear that your thumb is now healing. Tsk Tsk. You should of got stitches. . : D

I feel VERY bad about Alex's game. Is there No way for you to show your pictures to the ref's?? You obviously got some really GREAT proof of the fouls!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

who was reffing??

Fred ... said...

It was actually Ben's friend from high school, Kyle.