Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cox Apartments

Before I start with my story I just wanted to send out a big "Happy Birthday" to my sister Jackie.

As I mentioned previously, my BYU ward included an apartment building called Cox Apartments. This was an all girl apartment and we spent a lot of time there. One night we decided to decorate the place and we marshmallowed every window in the place. I thought it was a pretty unique idea and we had the windows plastered. A couple of days later we were surprised when the girls brought us a nice plate full of rice crispy squares. Some of the guys wouldn't eat them but I figured it couldn't hurt. They tasted good and settled down much better than the brownies did.

Before Edison invented the light bulb the average person slept ten hours a night. The average person today sleeps six hours a night.


Lynn said...

LOL! Oh the tricks you guys thought of.

Happy Birthday to your sister!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

Um ... did you know that after the Colony Jen AND Natalie moved into Cox apartments??