Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Pad

For years I’ve been saying that someone needs to make a computer that is the size of a sheet of paper and that can do the functions of a cell phone, photo album, computer, camera, video player, organizer and electronic book reader. You could take notes on it, watch movies, send email, write reports, manage spread sheets etc. US Robotics had the right idea in the 90's with their Newton but the technology wasn't quite there and they gave it up and went for a small device now known as the palm pilot (which I have used since 1995) and then Apple really got close with the iphone but it too is just too small to allow me to throw away my lap top. Well today it looks like my wish has been granted. Apple announced the iPad. Basically a larger version of the iPhone. I’m not sure exactly what features they offer but if it is anything like the iPhone I’m ready to sign up. The only problem is that I’ll bet (like the i phone) they are exclusive with AT&T.Oh well, good bye Verizon and hello AT&T.

There have been more books published in the last decade than in all of the previous history of the world.


Lynn said... what to do.....

Show this post to my boys.
Not show this post to my boys.


But then again they probably already know.
But what if they didn't.

Oh the dilemma!

Thanks a lot Fred! LOL!

Dad said...

The cost for the unit that has it all is about $1000.00 USD plus tax.

Lisa L said...

It really is too bad we don't have a lot of money. You have had ideas for years for several things that if only you had had the money and been able to invent and put it together we would be millionaires by now!!! Everytime someone produces one of your ideas I groan!!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...


Fred ... said...

On the apple website it "starts" for $499.

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

Trevor really wants one. But he said he is going to wait a year or so because they always come out with something better about a year later. He wants to be able to run multiple programs on it at once or something? I don't know you will have to talk to him about it. But he is planning on getting something like this :)

Lynn said...

We read in our papers that it's not available in Canada yet. My boys are sure drooling over it though.

Peter and Mandy said...

Peter says not to buy it since it is the first edition....wait and they'll fix most of the problems in a later edition. He says to google "10 things missing from the ipad" and you'll get a few of the flaws the ipad has. They sound like pretty big flaws if you were to use it as the all in one that it claims it can be.