Sunday, January 10, 2010

What A Great Week!!

OK, I know I'm way behind in my blogging but it has been a busy place around here. On New Years day we had made big plans but some of what we wanted to do ended up being closed so we decided to go to the beach. It wasn't the warmest day but it was plenty warm enough to enjoy the beach. We started out with lunch at this cool little fish and chips place. We sort of dominated the place as the seventeen of us walked in. It is just a small restaraunt and all of the eating area is outside but it is right on the beach and the food is very good. I didn't really think anyone would actually go into the water because it is very cold this time of the year but we took all of the body boards and a few wet suits just in case. I say the water is very cold but if anyone has swam in Waterton Lake this water is tropical by comparison.

The beach was a blast. The babies swallowed a ton of sand, the guys played Ultimate Frisbee and the women sat and gabbed, read books, watched the kids etc. Sarah and Alycia did put on some wet suits and went out eventually.

Saturday we went to the museum that we had planned on going to on New Years day. It wasn't exactly my thing but it was interesting and there are enough musically inclined members of the family that I did enjoy it to make it worth it. The best part was playing with the electronic instruments they had for "hands on" experience. They had electric drums, guitars, pianos, organs etc. but one of the coolest things was a theremin. I've never heard of this thing before but I have heard it in a Beach Boys song. Basically it is a small electronic device that generates a tone. It has an antennae and you move your hand around the antennae to distort the electromagnetic field which changes the frequency of the sound it makes. You can do some pretty funky things with it.

The plan after the museum was to stop at Vegee's for some of their world famous donuts but we were behind schedule and got there just after closing time. As it turned out it wouldn't have mattered anyway since when we read the sign we noticed that they had been closed all day. We stopped and got donuts at Vons instead. Personally I don't think they are all that bad anyway.

Sunday we took up two full rows in church. We took up a full row when the kids were all home anyway but now as we grow we need to expand. Sadly, Sunday is the day that people started to leave. I hate that part. I cooked the Prime Rib that we had planned for New Years day and it turned out very good. There wasn't any left over at least. After dinner Brandon, Serene and kids left so Brandon could finish his 40 page paper that was due before school started the next week. Ben and Sharley left because Sharley started school the next day and Ben started his new job. Monday Kira and Justin and kids flew out. I had to work so I kissed them all good bye in the morning and I think they headed to the airport shortly after I left for work. Tuesday Trevor and Alycia left for Utah.

That just left Alex and Sarah for the rest of the week. Friday night I had a scout camp but I was home Saturday before Alex left for the airport. To help soften the sadness from losing all of my kids again Brandon and Serene came down for the weekend. That extended the Grand kid fix for another couple of days. We just finished feeding them Sunday dinner and sent them down the road.

I guess now that the excitement has dwindled it is time to take down the Christmas decorations. We have never left them up this long before. I actually planned on taking them down yesterday but my boss called. He is headed for Germany on Monday and I was informed Friday morning that he wants to take a Production Plan with him. To do a good production plan would take me a full week but he wanted it for Monday. I told him it would have to come after the scout camp so I did what I could Friday and then I went in Saturday evening to finish it up. I left work at 3:00 AM Sunday morning. I am so glad that our Sacrament Meetings switched from 9:00 to 12:30 on New Years. Even though I had plenty of sleep I'm still feeling pretty groggy.

I like all of this sand

This is one very big sand box

Do you think I'll be able to keep up with Alex?


Does Evan look like he is having fun?

Lets go swimming Grandpa

I tried to build a sand castle but Sydeny loves knocking it down. I guess she'll have to grow up a bit before we can do a real nice one.

Three very cute girls that I found on the beach.


Justin, Kira and Evan said...

you had to use the picture where my face is contorted??? I miss you!

Fred ... said...

I think it is very cute

Lisa L said...

It was a fun week. Why no pictures from the museum of making music? I took some and now I don't remember seeing them. Where are they? It's funny how the day I had planned to go to the beach was one of the nicest and the day we ended up going to the beach was just okay. It all worked out though.

Lynn said...

Going to the beach in the middle of winter!!!!!???? I can't even imagine.. It seems so strange to me since I don't travel and haven't experienced a different climate in the middle of this season.

That is just way too cool! As in in cool. Oh you know what I mean.. LOL!