Friday, January 29, 2010

World Domination

The United Nations is about the most useless organization I can think of. We spend millions of dollars to play host to a bunch of little dictators who stand there and insult us. We also give some little psycho dictators like Ahmadinejad the same voting power as we have. Why? I'm all for supporting any nation who wants to work their way out of poverty as long as they allow their people certain fundamental rights but I won't waste my time or money on a ruthless dictator who abuses his people.

Once again, I'm modeling my domination of the world after Star Trek. In Star Trek they have the Federation of Planets but I'll have the Federation of Nations. Actually my plan is a thinly veiled version of our constitution but I can't call it that because for my plan to work, the nations who join the Federation will want to still retain their nationality. Here is how it would work.

In order for a nation to qualify to join my Federation a nation will have to meet certain standards. Without going into too much detail some of the standards would be a freely elected leader, the rule of law, a certain level of domestic stability etc.

If the nation decides to join my federation they would adopt a constitution that looks a lot like the US constitution and they would contribute a percentage of their GDP towards the support of a military and in return they would get the following:

1) Free trade (absolutely no tariffs of any kind) with any other nation in the Federation.
2) The protection of the Federation military against any attacker or terrorist.
3) The right to move anywhere, live anywhere and work anywhere within the Federation.

The Federation would trade with countries outside the organization but there would be tariffs on imports that would price their goods slightly higher than goods made within the Federation. I know that initially new countries who join the federation would be a pretty big drain on the other nations but with an open market I think industry would pour into those nations due to their low cost work force and their standard of living would soon be on par with the rest of the Federation.

I would stay completely out of the affairs of nations outside of the Federation so there should be little to provoke any attacks but if anyone chose to attack any nation within the Federation the retribution would be swift and brutal. While I would try and avoid collateral damage there would be few rules of engagement like we have in Iraq and Afghanistan. If some terrorist is shooting at me I won't risk my life trying to find out where he is, I'll blow up the house that he is in. I am completely convinced that if we had done that in Iraq we may have lost a few innocent lives early on but in the long run we would have saved more lives. I would completely overwhelm any attacking nation using what ever force was necessary, I would then run their country for a few years until they were stable and then the nation would be given the opportunity to vote their own leaders in and chose to remain with the Federation or to leave it.

I can't help but think that most free nations would soon join the Federation but I could be wrong. It is beyond me why over half of the United States voted in a leader who would take over the banking system, take over General Motors, attempt to socialize our medicine and remove any incentive for anyone to do new medical research or to even become a doctor. He is apologizing to the terrorists and dictators of the world and above all he is burdening the small businesses of the nation with the cost of his experiments and will soon drive them out of business. If the majority of the people want that kind of leader then I doubt they would go for my Federation of Nations.

If I am watching conference on TV in my family room I will hear the speaker before someone in the conference center. Radio waves travel at 186,000 miles per second and sound waves saunter at 700 miles per hour.


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