Sunday, March 21, 2010

Elder L Tom Perry

Well I guess we should have known better but if we had wanted to be in the chapel for stake conference today we would have had to be there before 8:00AM. As it turned out we didn't get there until about 8:40 which is plenty early enough for a normal stake conference but not if an apostle is going to be there. It was still wonderful and we were only about ten rows into the gym. The first speaker was our stake president ( a wonderful man who gave a wonderful talk) followed by our mission president (who I'm sure is a wonderful man but I haven't gotten to know him very well) and the it was Elder Perry. The choir also sang two wonderful songs. They are really very good.

I've been wondering all along why we had a special conference because we just recently had one but there was nothing mysterious. They had a priesthood training meeting in the area and the prophet told him to visit a stake who hadn't had an apostle in a while. Since we've never had an apostle I guess we were the lucky ones.

After having been spiritually fed for 90 minutes he stayed and shook hands with anyone who wanted to. Alex and Sarah both went through the line twice. The second time Alex went through was with Lisa and I. I thanked him for taking the time to meet with all of us and then I told him that he had visited my mission in 1978. He totally ignored me and looked directly at Alex and said, "And when do you leave?". Alex smiled and said, "June 16th". It was obvious that Elder Perry was pleased. So am I.

If you change the height of a stair by just 2 millimeters, the average person will trip over it.


Lisa said...

It's obvious he's inspired as well :)

Lynn said...

HA HA. That's SO him. Very cool. I am glad that Alex could answer him so very quickly. I bet that Elder Perry might of remembered his name when it came across the "desk".

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

I shook his hand before a performance at BYU and he told me that I was beautiful! :-) I have loved him ever since!

Lisa said...

I remember that Kira :)