Sunday, March 14, 2010

Priest / Laurel Conference

It looks like my blog has turned into a weekly blog. I'm not quite sure if my days have become so boring that I only post on the weekends or if I've become so busy that I only have time to post on the weekends. The week really was quite uneventful but the weekend was a bit more interesting. This weekend was the Priest/Laurel conference. Just in case you don't know who the Priests and Laurels are they would be the youth in our church age 16 and 17. Sarah is a Laurel. Friday night they had a formal dance that everyone fondly refers to as "Mormon Prom". She went with a group of six kids and they had a blast. Saturday morning I went to help the Havertz fix up their house getting it ready to sell. Mike is an FBI agent and he's been battling Parkinson disease for several years now. It has grown so bad that he has had to retire early and they are moving to St George. I've noticed that St George is becoming a very popular retirement destination for people in Southern California who can't afford to retire in San Diego but can't bring themselves to endure the frigid Salt Lake City winters. Mike loves to go boating so I think St George has the added attraction of a close proximity to several nice lakes. We painted fences, eaves and general yard work. It is always quite sad when we see a great family like theirs leave.

Saturday was also day two of the Priest/Laurel conference. The main speaker was Brad Wilcox, the author of several books. One of his books is called "The Continuous Atonement". Coincidentally Sarah bought and has been reading that book so she took it with her to get him to autograph it. I think he was surprised to see someone as young as her reading his book. It sounds like they're now best friends. After the conference we ran her out to Cameron's JROTC ball. That was another formal dance. The girl is partying way too much.

While Sarah was at the youth conference Lisa and I attended the wards St Patrick day party. The highlight was these little Irish dancers. They were very cute and it was a thrill to watch them dance. I'm not sure why but Irish dancing has always fascinated me. The cutest were these two girls who must be identical twins. The number two highlight was a story told by Marilyn McPhie.

Today I was asked to teach the "Gospel Doctrine" class in Sunday School. That would be the adult class and I'm always very intimidated to teach the adults. I do great with the youth but people my own age scare me. They are also much harder to get to participate than the kids are. They don't interrupt me though so I guess that's a plus. I gave an OK lesson but it wasn't stellar. I didn't embarrass myself though so I guess that is good.

So that was my weekend. Let's hope this week is a bit more exciting.

The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time television was Fred and Wilma Flintstone.


Lisa L said...

Where did you hear that trivia? Very interesting.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

fun weeeeekend :)
wish I could have been there.

Lynn said...

HA HA. Love the trivia today.

You had a GREAT weekend! WOW!! Always a party at your house for sure!