Monday, March 22, 2010

Mitt Romney

What an exciting day this was. Let me start at the beginning. A couple of weeks ago Alcyia and Trevor went to a speech that Mitt Romney gave in Salt Lake City. I was quite jealous, especially when I learned that they were going to get an autographed copy of Romney's new book, "No Apology". Imagine my excitemnt when Lisa sends me an email about a book signing that Romney was doing here in San Diego. I was talking to Alycia about it and when I told her I was going to buy a copy of his book Alycia was all bummed and told me she was going to give me her autographed book as a Fathers Day present (or was it birthday?). I told her that she needed to send the book down with Alex and then I would take her book to the book signing and get Mitt to write "To Fred" in it and then I'd give it back to her so she could give it to me. Sure the surprise is gone but hey, I have his autograph.

So today I left work and headed straight to the book store. It started at 6:00 and I was right there on time but imagine my dissappointment when I noticed that the line up went completely around the store, out the doorway, down the entire length of the mall, out the front door and almost completely down the length of the mall. I was going to be there for hours and I was afraid that they'd close up before I got to Mitt and if I was ever lucky enough to get to him he'd probably have major cramps in his hands and his writing would be illegible. After surveying the line I decide to head for the end and there was Richard Collard and his mother. Richard was one of my scouts and is now a Sophmore in high school. We visited for a while and when I said that I'd better get to the end of the line before it grew even more he suggested that I just wait with them. I quickly won the battle with my conscience and graciously accepted the offer. They were actually inside the mall still and had been waiting there since 4:30.

Mitt must have been signing quickly because it didn't take too long before we were inside the store. They gave us special instructions that he was not personalizing the autographs and they told us exactly what page to open the book up to and everything. When my turn finally came I decided to break the rules and asked him if he would sign "Fred". He smiled and personalized my book. Richard took a picture of me and if he sends it to me I'll post it later. They also had a photographer there who will post pictures on line but they're not up yet. For now I'll post these pictures. Now I'm supposed to give my book back to Alycia but I've already read a couple of chapters and I don't want to wait to read it.

Thank you Belle

The United States is the only known country to win a war and not take land from the conquered country.


Lisa said...

:) Richard is also now our home teacher.

Lynn said...

HA HA. We do things like that with gifts in our house too. It's the thought that counts. Who needs a surprise. The happy surprise comes when you find out the plans of someone else's at that very moment. It still counts!


I'm glad you still asked for your name Fred. It's doesn't hurt to ask does it. ; D

Peter and Mandy said...

Peter and I taught one of Mitt's granddaughters in sunbeams two years ago. He used to visit all the time. We see him in church every now and then.

Lisa said...
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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...
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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

YAY I am so happy you broke the rules! I love that he put an exclamation point! I wasn't sure If I was going to send it for Father's Day or a birthday present, but those are so far away I would rather you have it now to enjoy it and that you could get it signed! :) yay. LOVE YOU! &remember when you die, I get it back :)
(don't go dying anytime soon though please, thanks. I Love You.)