Monday, May 17, 2010

Thermoelectric Elements

Even though nothing of interest has happened so far this week I thought I'd give a quick update anyway. Do you remember the picture of that shiny ingot I posted a few weeks back? Well these little cubes are what I made from it. Each of these little cubes will act much like a battery if you heat one side and cool the other side. If fact each element will generate about a half a watt of electricity. The trick of course is to connect them in such a way that you can get the electricity out without ruining the electronic properties of the element. In any case, I figured that they look pretty if nothing else.

It is fun having Alex home, he's been living life to the fullest in the last few weeks before his mission. Today he just received his temple recommend so he's ready to go. We're waiting until the long weekend so that all of his siblings can be with him when he goes. Right now he's over at the church playing basket ball with all of the adults. They love playing with him. I remember one time he took the daughter of one of the men on a date. It was a Tuesday (basket ball night) and when he picked up the girl the Dad said to him, "Alex, I just have one question for you." Alex politely says, "yes sir?" The Dad says, "Are you going to have her home in time for you to go play basketball?" It was very funny hearing him tell the story.

Women lose half of their eggs by the age of thirty


Lynn said...

HAve fun at the temple with Alex.

We are headed to the temple this weekend with Colby.

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

With all my fertility treatments I have probably already lost all of my eggs.