Friday, May 14, 2010

Utah - day 3

Saturday was supposed to be another day to sleep in but Lisa doesn't seem able to remain in a bed after 7:00 plus we were going to meet the Crowley's for breakfast so I was in the shower by 7:30. We then headed to Alex's apartment and started packing him up. You'd think he would be able to do that himself but I guess he knew we wouldn't leave all his stuff in Utah so there we were packing. I use the term loosely, packing in this case meant that dirty clothes went in one garbage bag, clean clothes in another garbage bag, shoes in another one and then two totes holding everything else. It is an order of magnitude easier packing a boy than it is a girl. Kira and Alycia were nightmares compared to the boys. This big old house has been divided into five apartments. It looks like it was originally a duplex. Alycia and her husband live in the basement and Alex and four other guys live in the apartment on the right and the entire upstairs. It is a block from campus and very cheap.

Since Alex and Marie were late getting home from their late night movie we didn't get a chance to say goodbye to her. To make up for it Alex made arrangements to go by her house and say goodbye. They seemed quite happy to see each other. I like Marie. We then headed to Provo. After lunch at the "Creamery on 9th" we filled the car with a few gallons of wonderful BYU Creamery chocolate milk and then we headed to the Missionary Mall in Provo for a few more items of clothing. At the missionary mall they have a bunch of flags hanging on their walls. I figured it was pretty cool that the Belgium flag (my mission) was hanging right next to the Chile flag (Alex's mission). We then dropped off Mahonry's fridge and hit the road south.

At about 12:30 AM we were somewhere on the highway and everyone was asleep (except me of course but I was almost asleep) and Mom's phone rang. It was Ben bound and determined to be the first one to wish her a happy mothers day. You can always expect a phone call from Ben shortly after midnight on your birthday, Fathers day and Mothers day. We arrived in San Diego at 2:00AM and mom was so tired that when she unlocked the door and almost walked right into a little table that Sarah had set up by the front door. There on this little table was a necklace, a vase of flowers and a home made card from Sarah to her mother on mothers day. Sarah was in the middle of several exams so we decided it wouldn't be cool for her to miss three days of school so we left her with the Ellsworths. They have raised five boys and they're good friends of ours and Sarah loves them. They love Sarah too. They were delighted to have a girl and they've told us that they are unofficially adopting her as their daughter. Sarah jumped on us in bed much earlier than I wanted to get up on Sunday morning.


Lynn said...

THat is so SWEET of Sarah! But I must say that Lisa looks REALLY good being that tired. : D

Lisa said...

I'm kind of surprised myself at how I look in this picture. It doesn't look like I just woke up and that it was 2 a.m. in the morning. I actually don't mind the picture. Maybe we should take more pictures of me at that time of night/morning!!! Sarah is a sweetheart and it was a great trip - rushed but great. I still can't believe both of those flags were hanging side by side!!