Sunday, June 06, 2010

Father / Daughter Campout

This was another great weekend. It was the father/daughter campout. Unfortunately it was a bit rushed because Sarah had made a prior commitment for Saturday morning at 10:30. That meant that we had to leave around 8:30 to give her time to get home and then get ready. It was a beautiful evening and night. Sarah and I decided that we would sleep under the stars. The sky was clear and being out in the countryside like that you can see millions of stars. This is a view of the sky we got to look at all night long. I just love laying there during the night enjoying the birds singing, the soft breeze drifting over me and taking in all of Gods beautiful creations. What a wonderful experience it is and it is made all so much better to have my daughter there beside me just as awed by the experience as I am. I woke up a couple of times during the night and I just laid there taking it all in.

I don't even mind mornings when I'm sleeping outside like that.
The warm sun came up and brightened everything.

After a wonderful breakfast it was time to head home. This was a terrifying experience for Sarah because I told her she was going to have to drive. That would normally be no problem for her but we'd driven the pickup which is a stick shift. I insist that all of my kids learn to drive a stick and they all have except for Sarah. It is about time that she did. We were only a couple of miles down the road when she finally admitted that it is kind of fun to drive a stick. She was pretty funny though anytime we came up to a stop light. She would slow way down driving about five miles an hour hoping that the light would turn green before she had to stop. It actually worked pretty well for her.

Now that we have all of the celebrations over we are in the midst of last minute preparations for Alex's mission. We leave this weekend. It doesn't seem quite real.

Nearly 100% of all Canadians are deficient in vitamin D.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I wish I could have gone with you guys! Love that you still have that Star Wars pillow dad! haha
p.s. Why would we be deficient in Vitamin D? Since I was raised in the U.S. should I not be worried? haha or what? haha explain.

Lynn said...

Yup! Your trivia is very true. That's why newborns are sent home with prescriptions for Vitamin D drops. And that's why we all take extra vitamin D's during the winter months. And that's why we take double doses of Vitamin D these past couple of years during flu an cold season to ward off any H1N1 pandemic.

Alycia Vitamin D comes naturally to those who are in the sun a lot. Canadians who LIVE in Canada hardly get sun hours.

But then again so do the Americans who live in Alaska. ; D

Peter and Mandy said...

An air mattress? Now that's just cheating.

Fred ... said...

The ground has gotten much harder as I've gotten older. I love my air mattress.

Lisa said...

Love the pictures :)

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

and that is why I get my fill of Vitamen D in the summer