Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Molydenum Trioxide

This week is a bit strange for me. First of all (as I've mentioned before) there are no kids at home. Second, we just got back from a whirl wind trip to Utah and I will be leaving again in three days. I don't really have enough vacation days for all these trips so I'm trying to put in some extra hours to ease the burden. As it turns out, that is great because my project is going very well and I'm anxious to work on it. I am more than willing to work twelve hour days because I'm making great progress and loving every minute of it. I thought that I'd share one of my failures with you. When I test my thermoelectric materials they have to be tested in an inert atmosphere. Any leaks and the oxygen will quickly destroy the materials good properties. While that is very ugly, our heaters are made of Molybdenum and when Mo oxidizes it forms very beautiful crystals. After my last encounter with a leaking test station I decided to take a picture of the MoO3 crystals to share with you. They really are quite pretty aren't they?

In 2008 the number of minorities born in America exceeded the number of Caucasians born in America.


Justin, Kira and Evan said...

those really are beautiful!!

Lisa said...

those really are pretty.

Lynn said...

Cool. This is how so many cool inventions or discoveries are made ........ by someone's "mistakes". My boys have a whole book about people's mistakes that turned into something amazing, beautiful, and made the rich! ; D

Ben Leavitt said...

wouldnt that make Caucasians a minority...?