Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Great Week

The last few days have been wonderful and exciting and I’ve had a ton of fun. Let me try and summarized them into a reasonably sized entry. As I mentioned before, my birthday was on Thursday but since I had the Temple on Thursday we celebrated my birthday on Friday. I decided to come home from work at noon since Kira and Ben were there. When I got home Ben, Kira and I took her boys to the park. We had a lot of fun. I think the walk to the park was more fun for Evan than the park itself. He insisted on driving his wheel chair into every single driveway along the way.It was wonderful to have Kira and Ben there in addition to just Sarah and Mom. Unfortunately Alycia couldn’t get off work early enough to make it down Friday. We barbecued some steaks and had baked potatoes and ran out of time before we could eat the cake. I opened my presents and got some badly needed blue jeans and a book I’ve been wanting to read for some time. It’s called “Born to Run”. The book is fascinating and is all about barefoot running. Most of the book talks about the the Tarahumara, a tribe of natives who live in the copper canyons of Mexico. The Tarahumara will go for a 50 mile run just as an afternoon stroll. Some guy entered them into a 100 mile ultramarathon race in lace>Colorado and they were hardly winded. A 50 year old man won that race and set a record. I’m loving the book.Saturday we decided to celebrate Sarah’s birthday. Her birthday is August 24 and so for the last several years most of the kids have headed off to college by the time her birthday comes around. Since Kira, Ben and Alycia were in town it seemed like a good time to throw a party. We invited her very good friend Alex Jafek over and since his birthday was Monday we had a double birthday party. Sarah's special request was Belgian Pancakes so that is what we had.

Evan kept shooting me so I finally decided I had better die. He thought it was so funny when I did.

Evan and Landon wearing the "T" shirts that Grandma bought them at the zoo. I have to admit the Panda's were pretty cool.

Sarah made me a magnetic plate. She had one of my favorite pictures of her and I on the plate. It is now in my office.

Kira's birthday is Sep 2 and since Mom didn't want to mail the quilt she made her Kira opened this present after I opened all of mine.

Sarah and her friend Alex Jafek went to a Padres game and they saw a picture of one of the players on the side of a building. Alex commented on how cool it would be to have a larger than life poster of yourself. Sarah and I made him a larger than life poster of himself.

Justin gave Kira a pair of tickets to Chargers - Bronco's game for November when she's planning on being here for Mandy's baby. She asked Ben to go to the game with her. Kira is a Tebow fan and Ben is a Chargers fan so it should be interesting. Ben was so excited he literally started crying. It was pretty cool.

Four of my kids were here all at the same time. It was mostly a coincidence. What a great coincidence.

These were a step up from our traditional Belgian Pancakes.

Sarah and Alex shared the birthday celebrations.

We burned up some of the sparklers from Alycia's wedding.

Runners who wear shoes that cost more than $95 are more than twice as likely to suffer an injury than runners who wear shoes that cost less than $40.


Lynn said...

Holy Dina!!! Lot's of birthdays going on. How cool that you all could celebrate them so close together. Happy Birthday by the way.

I think I might get that book you are reading. I am so interested in that kind of running. In fact, I was just talking with the hair dresser about it last week. She had never heard of it before.

P.S. YEE HAW! To you trivia today. I could never afford shoes that expensive and wondered what kind of damage I was doing to my knees and feet. Now here you go and make me feel better about the cheap shoes I got. LOL! Although I want to learn how to run barefoot. Even better right?

Peter and Mandy said...

Wow those sparklers are so cool! I thought you did an excellent got shot and dying routine for Evan.

Lisa said...

Cute pictures and lots of fun with everyone here!

Kira said...

what a great time that all was!!!