Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perseid Meteor Shower

Sitting out in space in our solar system is a large cluster of rocks. Every year on August 12 earth passes through this cluster of rocks and we're treated with a wonderful light show called the Perseid Meteor Shower. I've looked forward to this event as long as I can remember. In fact I've always been fascinated with cosmic wonders. I remember many times waking the kids up to go outside and watch a lunar eclipse or a comet or whatever.

The coolest thing about having the Perseid meteor shower happen on August 12 every year is that it's my birthday. What a cool birthday present don't you think?

It wasn't planned at all but this week is a special birthday treat for me. Kira came to town last week for her ten year high school reunion. Alycia decided that she needed a vacation and she's coming down this Saturday. Ben then decided that he'd come down just because it's my birthday and because he wanted to see Kira and Alycia so that means that this weekend four of my six kids will be home. The funny thing is that none of them will have their spouses with them. Kind of weird. Alex, of course, is on his mission and Brandon is writing his big major Patent Bar exam this week, is ending his summer job and is moving his family back home.

Last night I decided to relive the days when I'd take my kids out and watch the skies and take my three kids who are here (Kira, Ben and Sarah) and go lay on the back lawn and watch the sky. We're in the city so the sky is rather light meaning that we can only see the brightest stars and the brightest meteors but in the ten minutes we were out there we still saw three bright meteors and perhaps another three that were too dim to know for sure. It was fun.

Today at work I was busy plotting up some data I'd taken in a test I'd run when I get called to the front lobby. I walk out there and the lobby was filled with my family. They'd brought me lunch and a bunch of donuts to share with the office. It was kind of embarrassing but a ton of fun and everyone at work of course enjoyed the donuts. My family almost out numbered the staff.

Because I had the temple tonight we will be celebrating my birthday tomorrow night. If Lisa holds true to the past I will have angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream. I love it.

Engineers have a divorce rate of about 7% as compared to a national average of about 45%


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

"angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream." We both always get this. YUM!
I wish I could have been there to see the meteors with you guys! Oh well.
I tried talking Trevor into coming with me but he feels too guilty taking time off work, and missing LSAT classes.
Lucky for you guys, I don't feel guilty taking 5 days off of work haha.
Can't wait to see you! MISS YOU!

Lisa said...

I think it's perfect there is a meteor shower for your birthday every year.

Lynn said...

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!!!

P.S. I'm glad your family can actually try and embarrass you. That is a whole lot of fun trying to do that in our family too. HA HA.

Kira said...

thats because Engineers are soo sweet!

Happy birthday!