Friday, August 27, 2010


Since two thirds of the family was here the week of my birthday we also decided to celebrate Sarah's birthday the same week. She's kind of been gypt on her birthday since the kids have started leaving for school and I think she has resolved herself to the fact that for the rest of her life she will probably have no siblings around for her birthday.

Imagine her surprise when Serene showed up on Sarah's birthday along with my two darling grand daughters. She was very surprised. We've been asking her for a while what she wanted to do on her birthday and then one day out of the blue she told us she wanted to go to a Padre's game.

I was quite surprised since that isn't something Sarah has been in to but it is always fun to go to a baseball game. I've never watched one on TV but there is a special air just being in the stadium that makes it fun. Of course being the cheap skates that we are we were in the nose bleed seats but that is just as fun.

We had quite a surprise when some famous Padres player that I've never heard of before showed up. I would have never known he was someone famous if the people around us didn't say something. Since it was Sarah's birthday we figures she should get her picture with him and if you know Sarah you know is is scared of nothing. She got more than a picture, he whipped a baseball out of his pocket and signed it for her. I don't remember the guys name but he was a Jones. It might have been Randy Jones.

She also got a picture with the Padre dude. At least I knew who that guy was. When Serene learned we were going to a Padres game she was a bit worried that her girls might not make it through the night. I assured her that if the girls got fussy I would take them for a walk. Some where around the seventh inning stretch Hayley and I went for a walk. Once she was able to scoot around on her own four limbs she was quite interested in the game.

Speaking of scooting around, you really need to see how Hayley crawls. I've never seen anything like it before. I guess one day she was wanting to carry a toy with her but she couldn't crawl and carry a toy at the same time. She finally figured out how to do it. Watch the video at the end of this posting to see how she does it. I didn't get a shot of her going fast but trust me, she can really scoot along. My new name for her is "Scooter".

It was a late but very fun evening. I'm really glad that Serene made the effort to get to Sarah's birthday dinner (which was spagetti in case you were wondering. Spagetti is Sarah's favorite food). It really made her day but it also made my day as well. I'm always glad to see my kids. That includes grand kids and in-laws.


Peter and Mandy said...

That is really cute. I've only seen one other baby do that, one that I babysat a long time ago. She would only use her legs though so she could carry stuff in both hands and travel across the floor, she was pretty fast too.

Lisa said...

Sarah enjoyed Padres games we've gone to in the past but she became a "true" Padres fan in June after attending a game with Alex J who introduced her to what fun the games can really be. They went to another game before he left. Before she even attended her 3rd game this season she told me that she would like to go as often as she could. We've usually tried to go to 'Mormon Night' at the Padres but haven't been the last couple of years because of conflicts. It really was fun! I recognized Randy Jones. Oh, and the Padre 'dude' is the 'Friar' You crack me up Fred!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

AW I wish I could have been there :) Looks like a lot of fun and cute cute cute babies!
I guess Sydney is getting too old to call her a baby... haha.

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Looks like it turned out to be an awesome one!

Kira said...

Brandon said she looked like Quasimodo and she really does!!! That is hilarious!!!! Glad Sarah had a great birthday ... we were thinking of her in Waterton :-)