Saturday, August 07, 2010

A Trip to the Zoo

My excitement just never seems to end. Kira arrived here on Friday. She is down for her ten year High School reunion. The reunion is actually today but she will be staying for a whole week. How exciting. Her high school buddies have decided that they are going to make it a weekend and tonight they are renting a hotel room and having a big girl "sleep over". It does actually sound like a lot of fun. Well with Kira gone on an overnighter that means that Lisa and I get to spoil the grand kids. After they woke up from their naps this afternoon we decided to take them to the zoo. It was actually a ton of fun. We totally wore them out and they were asleep within seconds of getting them buckled up in their car seats. Then when we got home and got them in their pajama's we gave them ice cream and let them stay up way past their bedtime. Once again it was a lot of fun. We'll see if keeping them up past their bedtime means that they will sleep in tomorrow. I sure hope so.

Evan was quite excited to see a mask where he could just drive his wheel chair up to it and stick his face in the mask. As you can tell he is still and inch or two short but he was just as excited non-the-less.

Evan likes the hippo's. We did take a picture of both Evan and Landon but Landon was screaming in the picture and Evan was so darn cute Landon's picture got cut.

Papa Panda was sound asleep. The Mom and baby were busy eating but it was too dark to get a decent picture of them.

If you zoom in and take a look in Evans hands you can see that the zoo keeper has given Evan the keys to the zoo. He was very excited. We never saw him give those keys to anyone else.

A female Panda Bear is fertile for only 1 or 2 days every two years. No wonder it is so difficult for them to get pregnant in captivity.


Lynn said... guys are the best grandparents ever!

Peter and Mandy said...

Hey we went to the zoo on Saturday too! We met up with our nieces there and stayed a couple of hours and then went home exhausted! Looks like you had a lot of fun with the boys!

Kira said...

the boys LOVED it!!! Did they sleep in the next day? Maybe I should let them stay up more often!