Thursday, March 31, 2011

Heading Home

When Lester and I were teenagers we would attend the Lybbert family reunion every summer. It was always held in the East Castle area just north of Waterton Park. Of course any good Lybbert reunion had to have horses and that is where I learned to ride a horse. I loved it and I went riding every chance I could get. What I always found fascinating however is that when we headed out on a trail away from camp the horses would just sort of mosey along and weren't all that enthusiastic about leaving the comfort, food and water of camp. At some point on the ride we would turn around and start heading back for camp. As soon as we made that turn the horses would instantly perk up and there was nothing sluggish about how they moved. This is often when we would urge the horses into a gallop and we would race down the trail. What a thrill it is to ride a galloping horse out on a mountain trail. I remember one time we came around a corner and the road had been washed out. Those horses literally sat on their haunches trying to stop before we went flying into the gully. 

Once we were heading back to camp however it was nearly impossible to turn the horses away from camp again. We would have to literally yank the horses head around and kick them in the ribs quite violently before they would move in a direction away from camp.  Well I now know how a horse feels. 

When I go running I too am a bit sluggish as I head away from the house. Well, actually it feels quite good for the first few minutes and then I begin to get sluggish. I'm not sure what it is because I'm now beyond the point that I'm in pain. My legs feel good and I have plenty of wind but after a few minutes my mind keeps telling me that I need to walk. This is why I need to run someplace exciting because if I can keep my mind occupied then I forget that I'm running and I thoroughly enjoy the sun rise, the birds singing and the coolness of the trees etc. Some times I go over in my mind ideas of things that I really want to build someday. I know a lot of people like to listen to music but since I'm not into music that much it just doesn't appeal to me. If I don't keep my mind occupied however then I fixate on my running and I continuously fight the urge to stop and walk. That is until I get to the point where I'm progressing closer to home rather than farther away from home. That is when my pace picks up and I suddenly have much more energy than I did just moments before. 

This morning I was making great progress back to the house when I looked at my GPS on my phone and saw that I was going to come up a tenth of a mile short of my goal of three miles. I decided to go around the block and add a little extra to my run. I'm telling you that as soon as I made that decision I literally felt pain in my body. My legs started hurting, I was out of breath and I almost wanted to cry. Just like that horse so long ago I had to force myself to turn the corner and run away from home. The mind is a crazy thing don't you think?


It has been brought to my attention that since my introductory email about the life of Christ leading up to Easter I've not said anything further. I apologize for the break but during this time all we really know is that Christ and his apostles were preaching in the area around Jericho. We can assume that his mother Mary and several of his friends who were heading to passover in Jerusalem decided to meet up with him in Jericho and since they must of met up with him sometime early next week they were probably on the road at this moment in time nearly 2,000 years ago. If you can be patient with me we will join up with Jesus next Monday and then updates will be more frequent. 

When it comes to a persons self image (how good you look, how strong you are or how fat you are) women almost always see themselves as worse than reality and men almost always see themselves as better than reality.


Lynn said...

I can TOTALLY relate to your analogy about running. I too don't listen to music and do what I can to keep my mind going. It truly is funny what the mind will do. I always get my "second wind" as I am heading back home.

Lisa said...

I think that analogy is very interesting.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Running is such a mental sport. I find myself doing the same thing.... my body feels great, but my mind tells me to STOP. The hard part is ignoring your brain and telling yourself you are capable of doing it. It is crazy how much control our minds have! I guess we can use that control and power either way in our lives, to make excuses, or to make changes!