Friday, April 01, 2011

Sarah's lost her wisdom (teeth)

I love summer weather. I love to drive to work with my window down. I love to sit outside in the evening and enjoy a nice warm breeze. I love to listen to the birds sing. I love summer time. Tomorrow I have plans to plant my summer garden. I think I'm very late in getting it in but better late than never. 

Today Sarah had all four of her wisdom teeth pulled. All four of them were impacted in the bone of her jaw. She's a tough girl but even still I expected her to be messed up but when I came home she ran to the door to greet me just like she always does. She didn't jump on me like she always does so I know she's hurting a little bit. I think her teeth were worse than any of the other kids but they were sure suffering more than she is. I expect tomorrow she'll be hurting more than today but she's off to a good start. 

In India there is one flushable toilet for every 45,000 people.


Kira said...

I didn't suffer at all ;-) She looks great for having gone through that!!

sarah said...

you and brandon suck! :P but i love you both anyways! haha

Lynn said...

Ouch! Hope she has some good pain meds. Poor girl. Colby's wisdom teeth were impacted in his jaw bone too. And unfortunately.....he had to go under a second time when he felt something "poking" him a week later and wouldn't go away. They discovered they had left a piece of his chiseled jaw bone IN THERE! Sheesh. But don't tell Sarah that. ; D

P.S. Your trivia. Wow. Sure makes me think twice about ever wanting to go visit there.

Lisa said...

She does look good that's for sure :)

Peter and Mandy said...

She looks really good so far. I remember my brother and sister being a total slug when they got theirs pulled when they were impacted. I got to keep mine and got four other teeth pulled so that mine would grow in, so I wasn't in much pain and never got puffed up.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

All four of mine were impacted and growing in sideways! Then my stitches didn't dissolve like they were suppose to. Them cutting into my gums hurt worse then the whole surgery itself!

Bianca said...

It's great that she still has the energy to greet you! I hope it was not too uncomfortable for her in the following days. Some people bounce back to normal pretty quickly, but it's best to take it easy. Soft foods and some TLC are great. Good luck to her recovery!
-Bianca Jackson