Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ragnar here I come!!

The day is drawing nigh and I'm getting very excited but also a little bit nervous. Starting at 9:15 on Friday morning in Huntington Beach we are embarking on our 200 mile relay race. I am the third runner and it is anticipated that I will start my first turn at 10:45 that morning. Ben has to work that morning but if he can get time off he is going to come and run that leg with me. The course goes within a half block of his apartment.

Just in case anyone is interested in how I'm doing on Friday and Saturday, Alan Bird has created a  Facebook page for our team. In theory we can upload pictures and video clips from our race while we're on the road. Unfortunately I've never taken the opportunity to learn anything about Facebook so I don't know if I will be uploading anything. I will have plenty of time to figure it out so maybe I will. In case you're interested the Facebook page is here. 

My second leg is expected to start at 9:10 Friday night and I will be running through Murietta. 

My third and last leg is expected to start at 6:52 Saturday morning and it is my longest and hardest run. Since Lisa is volunteering at that exchange point I have something to look forward to and I'm hoping for a little extra energy. Kind of like running towards home I guess. 

Well wish me luck. 



Lisa said...

I'm excited for you :)

Lynn said...

Good luck! Looking forward seeing your blog post all about it.

Maren Leavitt said...

Good Luck!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Wish I could be there! Like I said, let me know what you need uploaded and I will so do it for you :)