Saturday, April 02, 2011


 A friend of mine is a member of a yacht club and every once in a while he invites me to go sailing with him. They have a sailboat race on the first weekend of every month and they have four fleets. The A fleet are the best racers and the D fleet are the worst sailer's. We've  never made it out of the D fleet and even if we did we wouldn't last because the races alternate between Saturdays and Sundays and since I don't go sailing on the Sundays we will always fall back to the D fleet when we need to sail on Sundays.

The boats we sail are called "Victory Class" boats and they are a lot of fun. The top picture shows some victory class boats. We're getting pretty good with them but while we always come close to winning we've never actually won.  Sailing in San Diego has one major problem. We don't get much wind here but everyone in the race is in the same boat (pun intended) so a lot of the strategy of winning is learning to use the wind properly. Today however we had some pretty good wind and at times we really had the boat leaning over. I used to get really worried that we were going to capsize when that happened but I finally just told myself that it was only water and I made sure to leave my wallet and phone in the car and to wear my contacts so now I'm ready to go over. I have literally leaned out over the water just like the second picture but I only do it when the boat is leaning way over. The boat in this picture isn't even leaning so I don't know what they're worried about.  We've never tipped over though so I guess the boats are more stable than they feel. 

Today our little Sarah has puffed up a little and she's starting to feel the pain. She's still doing great but she's not quite as chipper as she was yesterday. As long as she doesn't get a dry socket she should heal pretty quickly. I got a dry socket and boy does that hurt. 

A man cured his colitis by intentionally eating parasites, hook worm eggs to be exact.


Lisa said...

Sarah is still doing better than some of the other kids who had theirs taken out. I'm glad you finally got to go sailing again. Your trivia is disgusting!

Kira said...

One time Justin almost tipped a boat. It was a large ski boat and I still don't know how we didn't go over! I'm thanking my lucky stars we didn't because there were babies on board, but man was that scary!

Peter and Mandy said...

That trivia is gross! Sarah is a good sport to let you take a picture of her chipmunk look...she does make a very pretty chipmunk though :)

Lynn said...

Wow. I just went back in my journal to the one and only time I went sailing and now read this post......looks like I need to go again. It looks like SO much fun.

Glad to hear that Sarah is still hanging in there.

P.S. I actually found your trivia VERY interesting. As you know Colitis runs in D's family and I wonder if any of them know about this. Whatever works. Right? Right. ; D

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I would love to go sailing some time! I have always wanted too :) Sarah looks pretty swollen, she looks way worse then i did after! haha poor thing.