Sunday, August 07, 2011


My wife is home and I like it a lot. Even when I'm at work and she is home I feel better just knowing that she will be here when I come home. I also find myself leaving work a little bit early just from the anticipation. I think I'm going to like this empty nest thing. We almost never went to a movie or did anything on a school night just because we wanted to make sure the kids were in bed at a reasonable time. Wednesday night I came home from work and we went to go see Harry Potter. Ben told me that he didn't like it but I really did. Sure they change the movies a lot from the books but that is to be expected. It was a good movie in it's own right. 

There is one thing that is suffering from Lisa being home. Me, Ben, Brandon and Justin are all playing this on-line World War II game. With Lisa gone I got way into it and had several games running. The four of us had one game going but when Brandon started writing his bar exam he dropped out so Justin Ben and I had another game going and then Justin went to Waterton so Ben and I got a third game going and so when Mom got home I had three games going. It took me almost an hour a day just to make my moves. Of course now I wanted to spend most of that time with Lisa so of course the War had to suffer. I think it will settle down to just one or two games and become manageable but it is a lot of fun fighting a war with my boys. 

Saturday I went sailing. That is my boat that you see in the foreground. As you can see the tide was out which always makes it a bit tricky getting the boat out but we did fine. Because Dan and I are only part time sailors and because we race against some real hard core people who wax the bottom of their boats to get a little extra speed out of their boats we don't usually do all that well. Saturday however I had my hopes up. The first race we weren't well positioned at the start so we started out behind. We almost passed the people ahead of us but then they cheated and we never caught up. We could report them but hey, it's just a game. The second race however we had a good start and were way out ahead of them all. We had made two full circuits around the coarse and all we had to do was not screw up and we could have won but coming around the windward buoy we misjudged our tack and had to dodge another boat. That made us clip the buoy which meant we had to do a penalty loop and in a matter of seconds we went form a solid lead to last place. We did manage to pass one boat and came in second to last but it sure felt good looking back at all those boats for half the race. It really is a lot of fun but today I have a bit of a glow. Next time I'll try and remember the sun screen.

So this week Sarah writes her finals and then she'll be coming home for a week or so. I'm quite sure I've missed her a lot more than she's missed me. She's having a ball in school and that makes me happy. As far as I can tell she's getting good grades too and that makes me even happier. 

Computer technology today increases more 
in one hour than it did in all of the 1900's


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

dad, you are too cute :) I love it.

Peter and Mandy said...

Peter wants to know what game you're playing.

Kira said...

I want to see you race!!!
I'm glad y'all are having fun together :-)

Fred ... said...

I really do want to take a camera sometime and take pictures but at times the boat is leaning over so far that I'm positive it's going to tip. I don't take anything out that could get hurt if we do tip one time.

Lisa said...

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. It is fun to go to a movie during the middle of the week isn't it?