Monday, August 01, 2011

Peter & Maren are leaving :(

It is so sad, Peter has been offered a very nice scholarship at the U of A and this week they will be moving away from San Diego. Their ward had a going away party for them this weekend and with Lisa out of town I represented our family. It was good to see them but I'm going to miss their occasional Sunday evening visits. I guess we'll just have to make a trip out to Tucson to see them. It won't be in the summer though. I think Tucson in February sounds like a good idea. 

For those of you who know where Peter got his undergraduate degree you may be a little confused by the U of A. The U of A (The University of Alberta) is a very prestigious University in Edmonton, Alberta and that is where Peter (as did I) received his undergraduate degree. The U of A is also a very good University in Tucson, Arizona and that is where Peter is going for graduate school. I will miss them. Maren's mother lives just a few exits up the I-15 though so I expect we may see them once in a while. 

So my wife has finally decided to come home.She fly's in tomorrow and if she ever decides to let me know what plane she's on I will go and pick her up at the airport. Maybe she's having too much fun with the grand kids and she's decided not to come home. That would not be good. I really do miss her. I suspect however that after ten days with toddlers she just might be ready to come home and get a full nights sleep.

The leading cause of death in America is medical error.


Maren Leavitt said...

Thanks, Uncle Fred. I have so many sad feelings about leaving SD. We have so much family and good friends! Thanks for coming down on Sunday! We'll see you soon!

Lisa said...

I'm sad I couldn't be there. I'm hoping we can run over before they leave so I can give them each a hug.

Kira said...

:-( I am so happy for Peter and Maren but so sad for me!