Monday, September 05, 2011

A Random Week

I keep waiting for something exciting to happen so I can blog about it but all I get are a series of little things. None of them by themselves are worth a post but all together these last couple of weeks have been quite eventful.

August 24 was Sarah's birthday. She was going to make it a big and exciting event but in the end she decided to keep it small and just with the family. Ben and Sharley came down and we had a barbecue. It was fun. Sarah also invited a friend from Provo to come down for the week. Nate Crenshaw seems like a nice guy. I would have pictures of the birthday except Mom took the camera with her and I didn't get the pic's downloaded before she left.

August 27 and everyone left me. We loaded up the van with all of Sarah's laundry that she brought home and then we threw in a desk for Alycia and Trevor and with Mom and Nates luggage the van was full. I kissed them all goodbye and once again I was left here all alone. Ok, so I didn't kiss Nate goodbye but I found it much harder to say goodbye to Sarah this time. The last time I said goodbye it was for a few weeks, this time it will be months. I really hate this part of parenting. 

Being alone with no responsibilities I can pretty much do what I want. Ben was singing in church on Sunday and Sharley was giving a talk so I decided to say goodbye to Sheba (and the turtles and Tom) and head up to Anaheim. Ben and Sharley moved on the 31st so with the pick up we hauled a load over to their new apartment and I got to see their new digs. The apartment is old but really quite nice. They have a little private courtyard (private from the neighbourhood but shared by the eight apartments) that is very pretty. Again I would have pictures but it was dark when we got there so no pic's. I don't think Sharley will be going for many late night walks by herself however. The neighbors look a tad bit rough.

After we unloaded the truck Ben took me to a little Taco truck that he found and I had some of the best taco's ever. Delicious. I had three taco's el Pastor and one lengue. I'm sure I spelled that wrong but it is a tongue taco. The tongue taco was delicious but the el Pastor is by far my favorite.

August 28 I went to church with Ben and Sharley. Sharley did great on her talk and Ben sang beautifully. He sang the bass part in a quartet. Him and the Soprano were excellent but the Tenor part was interesting. The guy tried hard. That evening was the Fantasy Football draft. I have no idea if I have a good team or not but it is fun drafting them. For anyone who may know or care the big players on my team are Matt Ryan QB, Roddy White WR and Ray Rice RB. Wish me luck this year. I don't why I always go up against Ben first but alas, that is once again my fate this year.

August 30 was moving day for Ben. I'd offered to come up and help again if they needed it and they really needed it. I left work at 13:30 and was at their apartment by 15:00. We finished after midnight. Sharley is an art major and has great taste in how she wants to decorate her home but her taste is heavy. When Ben and I finally got her TV cabinet on the truck I thought I was going to be crippled by my herniated L4-L5 disc. I then walked into her bedroom and saw her dresser. It made the TV cabinet look small. Thank goodness it fit on the moving dolly to get it out and by the time we hauled it up the stairs at his new apartment he had some help show up. I used to pick up and move anything not caring how much it weighed. That is probably how I ended up with a herniated disc. After living six months as a hunch back walking with a cane I've decided those days are over. I let the young guys haul that thing up the stairs. 

Part of the deal for helping move was another visit to the taco truck. This time I ordered a Tripas taco and three more el Pastors. Again the spelling is certainly wrong but you may have guessed the tripas toco is tripe also known as intestines. It wasn't bad but I won't be ordering tripe again. Especially when the el Pastor is so good. If I ever make it back to the taco truck again I'll try the stomach and brain taco's. I'm sure my favorite will always be the el pastor but hey, you've got to try it right?

So that was about it. On Saturday I puttered around the house mowing lawns and what not and on Sunday I watched a ton of old Star Trek episodes. Let me share with you one of my favorite scenes. I saw this first on Nates blog but I actually saw the episode on Sunday. That Captain Kirk sure knows how to treat a woman.

Sunday Ben and Sharley came down with their friends Jose and Chardonnay. They decided to play around town today for memorial day. It actually rained a bit today so I hope that didn't mess up their day too much. It was a nice warm day in spite of the overcast.

I decided to go into work today because I'm going to be gone on Friday. Driving in to work I came across a firetruck and three cop cars at an intersection. When I got up to the intersection there was a bicycler in the middle of the road with a LOT of blood all over his head. I didn't see a car so I wonder if it was a hit and run. The guy was sitting up but very dazed looking. The paramedics were getting a back board out and a cervical collar. He looked in pretty bad shape. It makes me wonder about riding my bike on those roads. He was on the same road I take when I ride my bike. I hope he's alright. 

CERN scientists together with NASA have demonstrated that the temperature of the earth is dominated by the electromagnetic activity of the sun. When the sun produces a strong magnetic field, cosmic radiation is deflected away from the earth, when the magnetic field is weak cosmic radiation ionizes the earths atmosphere which seeds clouds an order of magnitude faster than normal. If there are fewer clouds the earth gets hotter. Their report states that human activity is a very minor part of global warming.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

be careful when you ride your bike, I saw someone get hit really bad there once, and they ended up dying!
p.s. It was Labor Day not Memorial Day! :)

Lisa said...

It scares me sometimes when you ride your bike. I think those taco's sound gross!