Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Neighborhood Psycho

I think every neighborhood needs to have their trouble maker. We certainly have ours. Our neighbor across the street had an on going feud with her next door neighbor that lasted for years. At first they fought over their fence. It got so bad that they each ended up building their own fence so they now have two fences that are about four inches apart. The psycho neighbor even put up video camera's on the eves of her house and most of them point into her next door neighbors back yard. That would make me very uncomfortable. They've called the cops on each other several times. One time the police even came and interviewed mom to get someones else's version of the story. Finally miss psycho got so bad that she built a steel fence right across the front of her house and of all things she painted it red. She took a nice house and made it look real creepy. I guess in light of all of that, I shouldn't be surprised at what happened this weekend. I am very angry.

Last night I came home from work, picked up the mail and saw that I had a letter from the city. I can't think of a single good reason to get a letter from the city so with great trepidation I opened the letter. It was from the police department telling me that my Camry had been towed. I couldn't believe it. I went out front and sure enough my car was gone. Since Sarah had gone back to college I hadn't worried about the Camry so I didn't even notice that it was gone. Apparently it was blocking miss psycho's driveway but she couldn't be like a normal neighbor and walk across the street to let me know, nope she called the cops and off went my Camry. I called today to see what it would cost me to get it back and it would be $600. I think "Anytime Towing" just got themselves an old beat up Camry. Now we're trying to figure out what was in the car that we might need. 

So I called the police today and I guess I can "dispute" this but I think it will just come down to the cops saying it was blocking the driveway and me saying no it wasn't. I'll keep you informed because I totally intend to dispute this as far as I possibly can. I won't be paying the $600 however since the cars window's don't work and the air conditioner doesn't work and it will cost a $1,000 to fix them and I would still have an old car with extensive front end damage. 

It makes me sick though because I could have sold that car for $500 easily and now I have no car and no money. Bummer.

In the desert more people die from drowning than from thirst.


Kira said...

she has seriously been psycho for years!!!!

Isn't her red fence illegal?? I thought it was built too close to the sidewalk. Maybe you could use that in your defense. The ugly red fence made it very unclear where the driveway began and where it ended.

Good Luck ... please keep me updated.

theunseasonedbaker said...

Oh my gosh that is so ridiculously dumb!!! I'm so sorry yall had to deal with that. Aaaaargh!


Lynn said...

Wow. There truly is one in every neighborhood isn't there. Looks like someone has a lot of time on her hands. I wonder where she gets the money to spend on cameras, and fences, etc. Because if she was actually working to make a living, you would think she was too busy to be in everybody's business! Wow. Wow. Wow. Some people. There just are no words for it. So sorry you were caught up in her line of fire.

Now, it seems that no matter what you do in response.....she will consider this a freud with you. *ugh*

Sutherland Family said...

Absolutely terrible!! I am so sorry! I would say go talk to her, but that would certainly just be harder for you because she's unreasonable. Maybe she is so miserable she wants to make everyone else miserable. I feel so bad for you! I'm trying to find a bright least you don't have to go through the hassle of advertising and selling it...okay I know it's a stretch, but i had to try.

Peter and Mandy said...

You'd have to be crazy to put that fence in your front yard....sorry about the car.

Anonymous said...

For so many years My Sister Back East Has been tortured by The sicko across the street. My sister as well as Many others Have contacted all The authorities they could think of & all is on record. This Sicko did so many horrible things to My single sisters home BUT He is so damn sneaky He is NEVER caught. Cameras etc. everything possible. A fence etc. Anyway it seems these sick people Win & I want to know why. I had some ideas to take care of Him BUT My sister did not want more problems as She lives alone. The conclusion is last week My Sister escaped Death beacause somebody set Her garage on fire & the fire jumped to the house. She just had remodeled & was enjoying Her retirement. SHE LOST EVERTHING! The sicko won. I want to know why. And they cannot understand How the fire started. They know! NO PROOF! How is this possible that Psycho people get away with this???? Please help Me understand. I am so sad for My sister WHO HAS NOTHING. She Thank God has insurance & is dealing with them all now. NOT FARE at all that the world still has things like this that happen. I am in shock & thankful My sister is alive.