Friday, September 30, 2011


This morning at about 0100 Lisa rolled over and elbowed me telling me that my phone was ringing. I always leave my phone down stairs because if it is upstairs and it rings Lisa is a very unhappy camper. Apparently I needn't have worried because she wakes up even if it is downstairs. I laid there trying to imagine who would be calling me at 1:00 AM when I suddenly remembered that Javier's baby is due on the October 8. I knew it had to be him. I ran downstairs and called the number of who ever had been calling me and sure enough. It was Javier and his baby had arrived at 12:31 AM. How exciting. Xavier de Jesus Valdez was 6lb 6oz and 19 inches long and he looks just like Javier. The delivery went well and Rosi is healthy and very happy. I thought about heading to the hospital right then and there but I knew Rosi's family would probably be there and I didn't want to overwhelm the baby and Rosi so we headed to the hospital this morning. We took Rosi some pretty Lily's. When we got there Javier had gone for breakfast so we tried to visit with Rosi. She doesn't speak a word of English and we only speak about five words of Spanish so did a lot of gesturing. We did pretty go though. Javier finally showed up and we hung out for an hour or two and then headed out.

The day only got better from there. This weekend is the Miramar Air Show and the Blue Angles are always the star attraction. In case I've not mentioned it before, Hi-Z is located directly across the street from the Miramar Marine Core Air Station so we have a good view of all the attractions. When I realized that the Angles were on I climbed onto the the roof and watched. While it doesn't do it any justice I took a few short video clips of what we could see from the roof of our lab.

Tonight we had the missionaries over for dinner. I always enjoy having them come visit and when you have a son on a mission it is even more meaningful.

Other than that I've just been enjoying a much slower and more relaxed life style with just Lisa and I at home. I rather enjoy it.

Once a man has children his testosterone levels drop dramatically and the more involved he is with the children the more it drops. Supposedly the testosterone helps him get a woman and then it drops so he hangs around to help raise the kids. 


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Very cool :) Congrats you two on being Godparents, that is a huge honor!

Lisa said...

That is pretty cool video considering it's your phone taking it. That one clip the plane is right there!!! WOW!! It was pretty neat to go to the hospital to see Javier, Rosie & baby Xavier. I'm so happy for them. They've waited a long time.

Kira said...

YEAH JAVIER!!!!! Please tell him how happy we are for him!