Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Pratt's

Now that I've settled in from another wild weekend let me share with you what has been happening. Let's go back to when Lisa and Sarah took off and left me alone for the third time this summer. As bummed as I was it was the sensible thing to do. First of all, Sarah and Lisa had several meetings that they had to attend regarding Sarah's school, second, Lisa has been begging to spend some time in the Genealogy library and finally Lisa found out that there was a big Pratt reunion on September 10th. It just didn't make sense for her to come home and then drive back up so she begged our good friends Mahonry and Molly Sanchez if she could crash with them and Sheba and I once again got to snuggle up in bed together. 

I wanted to go to the Pratt reunion with Lisa and I'm always up for an excuse to see my kids so I decided to fly up on the 9th, attend the reunion on the 10th and then drive back with Lisa. If you buy your tickets in advance you can get a one way ticket for well under $100. It was getting pretty scary however on the night of the 8th when our power went out and Southern California was sitting in the dark. I tried to upload my picture from my android and while I think I could do it I was too tired to bother on that night. That is why I thought I'd shared my picture of me cooking dinner on my cool little camp stove. You can see my windup radio in the background. Power in the south part of the city started coming on around 9:30 and then it moved north from there. Claremont had power around 10:30 and La Jolla around 11:30 and then I went to bed. I turned off all of the lights except my bedroom light and then I turned the radio on full blast. I have a real tough time waking up. 

At 1:00 the lights came on and the radio was blasting in my ear. I got up and checked taht my flight was still on time. I printed out my boarding pass and went back to bed. 

Lisa was at the airport to meet me I spent the day doing errands at Sarah's apartment and Alycia's apartment. It was good to see them both. That night we took them for dinner at the Awful Waffle and since J Dawg's was across the street we went there for a hot dog. No one went home hungry. 

Saturday was the reunion. We picked up Sarah and Alycia and off we went. After we registered and bought the new Pratt Biography we listened to several very cools stories about the Pratt's. Just in case you're wondering about our connection to the Pratts, after Lisa joined the church and started getting involved in her genealogy she learned that she was descended from Anson Pratt who is the brother of the famous Parley and Orson Pratt. Anson isn't too well known because he died early caring for his ailing mother. She eventually died from Cholera and then three days later Anson died from Cholera. The Anson Pratt descendants wore green name tags and there weren't too many of them. 

After her dad died his daughter Jane Elizabeth walked across the plains with Parley's family so we feel a close kinship with Parley. Jane lived with them until she got married. Another interesting story that we learned is that Parley Pratt is that he was the very first Mormon Missionary to enter Chili. I guess Alex is there now finishing what he started. 

So let me explain the hand. Sarah loves to draw on people and if she is ever in one spot for more than fifteen minutes she starts drawing. I on the other hand really enjoy a good massage and when Sarah is drawing on me it is actually a very nice massage. The only problem is that I end up with a hand that is embarrassing to have in public.  You have to admit that it is a pretty good job. Perhaps Sarah should consider a career in Henna. 

Everyone at the reunion (nearly 700 people) were asked to put a colored dot on the family tree. If take a close look at the tree you can see our dots on the Anson branch and the Jane Elizabeth twig. We're kind of out numbered by the blue and yellow dots.

So after the reunion we went to visit Aunt Nola. It is always good to see her. She is looking great as you can see from the pictures.

And then it was on to Provo where we dropped Alycia and Sarah off. We loaded up on BYU chocolate milk and then hit the highway. We originally planned on just driving to St George and crashing with someone but we were doing well so we just continued on arriving in San Diego at around 6:00. We slept until 11:00 (at least I did) and then we went to hear Alex Jafek give his farewell talk. He is going to Peru for his mission. He did great and he will be a great missionary. 

Sunday night was pretty cool. Our Temple presidency will be release in a couple of months so they had a get together for all of the coordinators they've worked with at the temple. Spouses were invited. I've never been to a get together in the temple before. It was very cool. 

Hippo sweat is red.


Lynn said...

Cool info about the Pratt's!!

Lisa said...

It was a great weekend!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Not a great photo of me haha But yes, it was such a great weekend!