Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Running Home

 Today I ran home from work. According to my training schedule I needed to run five miles today and I only live 7 miles from work so it seemed like to good idea. Alex started working for my company on Tuesday and so we've been riding together. He wanted the car after work so it seemed like just another good excuse to run. My time is a little bit slower mostly because there are a lot of lights on the road but it was still quite fun. The Penasquitos canyon separates Mira Mesa (where I work) from Penasquitos (where I live) so when I drive home I need to go around the canyon but where I ran I ran right through it. That was kind of nice because ever since I broke my toe I've been avoiding running on trails. Today was the first time I've run on a trail since I could run again. It was fun but I was scared the whole time. Take a look at the picture and you will know why I love trail running so much. Running on the road kind of sucks but I haven't tripped yet. I sometimes wonder if breathing all that exhaust fumes does more harm than good but I do like running.

Scientist now realize that Rats (and probably some other animals as well) laugh. Rats laugh at 50khz which is higher than human ears can hear.

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Lynn said...

I know what you mean about exhaust fumes. I kind of wonder myself what my lungs look like after all this time. Ugh.

Anyway.....good for you for keeping up with your running. You are doing great.

I wreck my knee this past week! : ( I now know what you went through with running withdrawal. So sad. I hope I haven't wrecked it for good. In the meantime, I've bought a bike, gloves, helmet, and extra padding for my seat {the bike that is} and have taken up biking. The first time in 30 years! Feels good. Better on my knee anyway. But I do miss running.

Keep up the good work.