Sunday, March 02, 2014

Christmas Eve

I know we are already into March but I still want to post about the wonderful time we had at Christmas. Rather than give you the play by play I will just post some of my favorite pictures and let them tell the story.

This year was special because all of our six kids are now married so our family is now complete but it was sad because Brandon and his family weren't able to be here. Serene was due to have her baby on Dec 22 so that made it unwise for them to come but they were also somewhat strapped for cash and vacation time because of Alex's wedding this summer. 

Kira and Justin and their family arrived on the 23th. 

Ben and Sharley arrived on Christmas Eve.

 Alycia and Trevor got here on the 23rd.

Alex and Wendy got here on the 23rd

Sarah and Sam arrived also on the 23th.

Everyone has learned that there is no point in coming too early before Christmas because the only thing that happens before Christmas is shopping and cleaning. All of the fun starts happening on Christmas Eve. 

Long before anyone arrives mom starts her baking. She always has several tins full of all kinds of baking and we spend the entire holidays just picking and eating. She has many different kinds of cookies but I think everyones favorites are butter tarts. I know they're my favorite.

For dinner mom made up a bunch of pizza dough and everyone made their own pizza's. She had all of the makings so no one could complain about what was on their pizza since they had to put it there themselves.

And then we had our traditional talent show.

The highlight of the evening was the gymnastics show that Ben and Alex put on. They had us all laughing through the entire show and there were several moments there when I was sure there was going to be a serous accident. We made sure no little children got too close just in case they came tumbling down. Alycia put together an instagram video clip which gives you a taste of what we got to enjoy.

Check out the video here

Many years ago when Lisa and I were still very young she signed me up for an oil painting class. She knew that I loved to draw so she thought I might enjoy this class. She was right, I LOVED it but life got in the way and I painted three or four paintings and I've never painted since. Well I've been trying to clean out the garage lately and I came across some of my old painting supplies. I decided that I would share some of my paintings for my talent. I don't think any of the kids had any idea that I painted.

After the talent show we let the kids open their one Christmas eve gift which has traditionally been pajamas.

We then left the tree with a large pile of gifts around it and quickly squeezed in a game of Settlers before we all went to bed.

The Catholic Church chose to celebrate Christs birth on the winter solstice in an 
attempt to replace the pagan rituals celebrating the sun god with a Christian holiday. 

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