Friday, March 07, 2014

Murder Mystery

While we have a lot of old traditions that we love to follow we recently started a new tradition. When the kids were younger we usually stayed home with them on New Years Eve and made it a fun tradition to watch the ball drop and then to go out into the back yard and bang pots and pans to bring in the New Year. As they got older the teenagers would go the Stake Youth Dances. Then it was the young adult dances and for a couple of years the newly wed kids would go to the Young Adult dances.  Our kids finally got to the age that they just weren't interested in anything offered so we decided that rather than let them find something exciting to do on New Years Eve without us we would create a new and exciting tradition. 

Mom decided that we needed to do a murder mystery dinner and of course she consulted with our resident party animal (Justin) and low and behold, two years ago at our previous Christmas with the kids at home we had our first Murder Mystery dinner. It was a blast and everyone was looking forward to the murder mystery this year. 
This year we once again had Justin spear head the dinner and it was a blast. I think that someone else needs to do it next time because it must be a bit of a downer for him not to be able to participate. The way we do it is we (Justin) gives everyone their parts a day or two early and we make a family trip to the Salvation Army so we can buy cheap clothes for our costumes. 
This year the theme (in case you can't tell) was Zombie related. It took place in an insane asylum for zombies. Half of us were patients and the other half was staff. I was a doctor but half way through the night I was attacked and became a zombie. 
In addition to our own family we invited Ashly & Ryan Aylesworth and Rebecca & Kyle Knaphus from our ward and Jose and Chardonnay Flores (friends of Ben and Sharleys) and Frank Criger and his girlfriend. It was a very fun evening. By the way, the murderer was Sam. He was a crazy and overly ambitious junior doctor.

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