Saturday, March 29, 2014

Running with Mom

Our Birds of Paradise are starting to bloom. I think these are the coolest flowers and they're by far my favorite. We have them all over the yard and I love it when they start to bloom. They stay in bloom pretty much the entire year but they do quit blooming for a few months in the winter. 

Mom recently bought a bike from a friend of hers. She's been wanting to get out and get some exercise but I think the last Ragnar I dragged her out to pretty much convinced her that her and running just don't get along. She's been bugging me to go riding with her but right now I really enjoy running. This morning it dawned on me that if I'm running and she's on her bike we might be a pretty good match. 

 It turned out to be just that. A nearly perfect match. I had to wait for her a few times but as she rides more I'm sure she'll be waiting for me. I got to show her my favorite six mile run through the canyon. I loved it. 

As I'm looking at that last picture of me and mom I think I'm starting to understand why she's always telling me to close my mouth. I look just a little bit stunned. I won't complain next time she tells me to close my mouth. 

The probability of you drinking a glass of water that contains a molecule of water 
that also passed through a dinosaur is almost 100%.


Sarah Christine Leavitt Taylor said...

you guys are so cute and so amazing i love you guys!!
p.s i think you should smile! :)

easters said...

Smile or not, you are cute! So good to see that you still enjoy each others company. Yesterday we drove to the temple for the first time since Mother's death, and I missed her so much as the last time she was with us as usual.It was a nice spring drive and I was with my best friend - Bill. Roselynn