Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The rest of the week

We only had three days after Christmas before Alex and Wendy had to leave so we tried to pack as much fun into those days as we could.  Mom had a schedule taped to the front door so everyone knew the schedule but as always, when you have a house full of sixteen people things just don't always go as planned.

We made sure there was plenty of down time so we could just relax and enjoy being with other. 

Of course we made a trip to the beach. We don't make sand castles in our family. We stick Evan on the beach right at the edge of the waves and build a protective wall around him. We then try to keep it in place as the tide comes in. It eventually always fails which is what it is all about.

I'm not sure how we didn't know this before but most of the beaches have wheels chairs with big balloon tires that you can use. This was a ton of fun for Evan. 
Since we had our expectant mother with us of course Lisa had to throw a baby shower for her. Yes, I know this is her fourth child but it is her first time being pregnant. What fun.

We made a trip to the temple to see the Christmas lights. The temple is always very beautiful and such a peaceful place to be.

Every year during the holidays the city always has a big balloon parade around the Holiday Bowl. Last time Evan was here he was actually in the parade with the "Sports for Exceptional Athletes"
The parade runs right down Harbor Drive so you can see all of the boats in the background. 

We also made a trip to the Science Museum in Balboa Park

And then of course we had to spend an evening at Ghirardelli's Chocolate Shop. It is no wonder I gained so much weight over the holidays.

The city of Jakarta is sinking by as much as 30cm per year.


Lynn said...

So fun catching up on your family Fred and Lisa!

P.S. I am sure Kira will let you know...but you might want to change "third child" to "fourth". ; )

Fred ... said...

Oops, how embarrassing. I don't think anyone in my family actually reads my blog so I'm probably safe. Thanks for catching that.