Saturday, July 18, 2009

Base Boards

Lisa and Sarah got home last night. It seems like they've been gone all summer. In fact, Sarah pointed out last night that since school has let out she has been in Utah more than she's been in San Diego. More than two years ago (or was it three years ago?) I started remodeling our house. We finished everything up ages ago but for some reason I have a real problem with baseboards. They were even all stained and ready to go on but today, several years late, I finally got them put on. They look very nice. My remodel job is finally done. Hallelujah! This afternoon we went to an open house for Cameron Bird who just got married. It's been quite a week in their house since today was Cameron's open house and tomorrow Jared is giving his missionary farewell and Ryan is giving his missionary homecoming. Wow! I may actually have gotten those boys mixed up. I have a tough time keeping them all straight.
Also this afternoon Lisa got a phone call from her friend who is good friends with Adam Lambert (from American Idol) and she was given two free tickets to the American Idol concert here in town tonight. They turned out to be $70 tickets and were very close to the stage. I'm sure I would have enjoyed the show but I knew the kids would enjoy them more so Sarah ended up going while I finished up my baseboards. They apparently had a great time. We were supposed to go to Harry Potter today but that can wait until another day, American Idol won't.

Astronomers have discovered the chemical that gives raspberries their flavor in a dust cloud in the center of our galaxy. It is one of the largest molecules ever found in space.


Lynn said...

Beautiful job on the baseboards! remodeling EVER done?? LOL!

Nana said...

Good on you Fred for finishing the baseboards. What is it with the men in this family ?? Please come and do mine ......