Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I loved my senior year in college. All of my classes were very relevant to my major and I loved them all. I was married, I had a baby and life was great. The only blemish in my ideal picture was the economy. The economy was the pits and no one was getting jobs.

Last year I wrote a series of posts about our years in Rosemary. I started with my senior year and covered some of my memories of Rosemary. Rather than rewrite them all I will just create links to the posts and if you happen to be interested you can just click on the links and read them.

Memoirs of Rosemary
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George Riel
Rosemary Scouts
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Ice Skating
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Ice Storm
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Rosemary School
Womens Basketball
Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...
The United Kingdom
Let's Move
Thank you Rosemary

Just a few weeks before the house voted on the "cap and tax" bill the EPA released an internal document that stated that global temperatures are no higher (and perhaps lower) now than they were in the middle of the last century. Due to strong political pressure the report was not released publicly. According to the report, the biggest single influence on global temperatures are changes in solar activity. At the same time another report from Canadian biologist Dr. Mitchell Taylor, the director of wildlife research with the Arctic government of Nunavut was ignored.This report states that Polar bear populations are increasing and they have never been healthier. Arctic air temperatures are decreasing and it is Dr Taylors belief that changes in ocean currents are affecting the sea ice and not global warming. Dr Mitchell’s views are so scary to environmental groups that he has been banned from a meeting of the Polar Bear Specialist Group set up under the International Union for the Conservation of Nature/Species Survival Commission that will take place in Copenhagen this week. The funny thing is that he is considered to be the world expert on Polar Bears. This group has actually funded his studies in the past.


Lynn said...

We just came back from Rosemary. So fun!!!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

I concure with the colder comment!