Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Hermit

I have a natural tendency to be a bit of a loner. It is a real good thing that I'm married to Lisa because she is so out going that she keeps me from becoming too much of a recluse. I truly think I would be quite content to build myself a cabin in the mountains in some very secluded spot and live off the land. I suppose I might get lonely after a few years but the whole idea is quite appealing to me. That is why when I realized that I was going to be home alone for six whole days I decided to take the opportunity to be a total recluse the entire time. Well the universe conspired against me and it just wasn't to be.

The family was to leave Saturday morning so my plan was to take care of all my errands on Saturday so that I could just be a bum the rest of the time. As it happened Lisa and the kids didn't leave until after noon and I got called into work and didn't get home until late. All I had time for was to make something to eat, read a bit in my book and go to bed.

Sunday was going to be another great opportunity to be a complete loner for the better part of the day but I ended up getting invited to someones house for dinner (they felt sorry for me) and I had a meeting at the temple in the evening. Don't get me wrong, it was great to have a place to go for dinner and if the Pettit's should happen to read this, thank you, honest.

Monday was my next opportunity and I purposely left work on time so I could go home and be a bum. I walked in the door, made a plate full of food and sat down to watch an episode of Star Trek. Unfortunately, as I'm watching TV I looked out the back window at my overgrown yard and I couldn't help myself, I went out and trimmed a row of hedges that was much more work than I had anticipated. It was dark and I was drenched in sweat before I came in the house. Another hermit opportunity was lost.

So Tuesday was to be my big day. I picked up the mail and walked in the house and decided that I should go through my huge stack of mail that has been piling up. As I'm going through it I see that the LCD I ordered for Ben's Palm Centro has come. I call Ben and he brings his phone over for me to replace the LCD but three hours later I finally give up. I think the LCD they sent was defective. I won't bore you with the details but even though I got it to come on a few times it is intermittent and won't stay on. The guy who sold it to me on ebay had better send me a replacement.

Today of course is scouts so that is hardly a hermit opportunity so there you are. Tomorrow is temple night and the family is on the road heading for home. Oh well, as excited as I was about being a hermit I'm more excited to see the family. I can't wait. That hermit thing is still very attractive but I want Lisa to come and live with me and I want the kids to bring my grand babies to see me. Does that still qualify as being a hermit if you have visitors?


Lisa L said...

That does not qualify as life as a hermit :) I'm going to look at the hedges - woohoo! I'm excited you are getting the yard done. We don't have much time. It's amazing how things happen and we don't get to do the things we think we will.

Lynn said...


Nope - it's not possible for you to be a hermit. MAybe that's a GOOD thing. ; )

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

you might think you are a hermit by nature, but I think you just proved yourself wrong! :-)