Thursday, July 16, 2009


Let me introduce you all to Blue. Last year Ben convinced Sharley to get a cat. The little kitten that they ended up with was a beautiful little white one that has a very strange personality. The cat is literally psycho. She is very clumsy but is afraid of nothing. She will get so excited that she will jump at things (like your hand) but miss what she was aiming for and smash into the walls. When they still lived in Arizona Ben tells me that she jumped into the toilet one time. I believe it. She actually loves water. Alex gave her a shower and the only time she would get mad is when he turned the water off. He shampooed her and cream rinsed her right now she is about the best smelling cat you'll ever smell and her fur is downy soft. Right now Ben and Sharley are living in our house until their apartment in Orange County is ready so Blue has had to get used to Bridget and Sheba. Bridget loves her but she hates Bridget. She loves Sheba but Sheba hates her. It is a very humorous love triangle. Blue is continuously harassing Sheba but once in a while she gets clawed across her face for her efforts. She also gets very jealous of Alex if he pays too much attention to Blue.

In our house we have a balcony that overlooks the living room and the front entrance. The other day Blue was goofing off on the railing of the balcony and too everyone's shock and dismay she fell off. Ben was standing at the bottom of the stairs and was quite surprised when Blue bounced off the stairs beside him. Blue is one lucky cat because if she'd been two feet over she would have landed on hard tile rather than carpeted stairs. As it was she just stood up and shook her self and walked off. Life is never dull with Blue around.

Scientists at the University of Ohio have figured out how to get hydrogen from urine at a very low cost. They figure a cow can generate enough hydrogen to provide hot water to nineteen houses.


Lynn said...

LOL!! That last photo is hilarious!

My word verification is "UNDER". : D

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

I LOVE Blue!!!! Are you going to keep her??? Please please say yes!!! Evan every so often will still ask for her ... she is so great!!

Lisa L said...

I think that Kira could take Blue to live with her. Evan needs a cat like Blue.